What is a Life Coach?

As your life coach, I am a loving, powerful guide that helps you on your journey of personal transformation.  Our sessions are a collaborative, co-creative process of self-discovery. I am a catalyst for helping you to learn more about the stories, limiting beliefs and uncertainties that can hold you back from experiencing the life you envision.  Through direct, powerful questions I hold space for you to dive into your heart and uncover your interests, challenges, and goals.  Together, we create movement through action plans that will unlock your highest potential. As your accountability partner, I support you in building new pathways in your life and business that will empower your personal evolution.

Key Benefits

    • Personal transformation
    • Design life visions
    • Co-create solutions
    • Catalyze change
    • Self-discovery
    • Generate new possibilities
    • Create goals
    • Provide accountability
    • Inspire creativity
    • Address the whole of you – body, mind & spirit

Typical Session

Life coaching typically is a 30 – 60 min phone call once per week for a total of 4 sessions per month. I offer a free 15 min sample coaching call to so you can understand more about how coaching works. After this sample session, we will discuss the call and decide if this is a good fit for both of us.  If we decide to work together, we will schedule a 60 min initial extended phone evaluation to design a program that will support your growth process.   We will set up goals and commitments that you will be accountable for each week. If we have an agreement to complete a task before our next call, I will text or email you to check in with loving support!



Empower to Evolve: Empowerment Programs for Personal Transformation

What areas of your life have untapped potential, and how could you use your challenges as transformation to move forward? What would it feel like to nourish your body, mind and spirit?

Through life coaching and the healing arts, I empower individuals to alchemize trauma to fuel inner strength through deeply connecting to their hearts and Spirit.

Empower to Evolve are holistic and personalized programs, workshops and retreats designed to nourish your body, mind and spirit.

We will assess if life coaching is for you and if we’re a good co-creative team.  I can also combine various alternative-healing modalities to meet the goals we obtain through life coaching.

Alternative Healing Modality Supplements

    • Life Coaching
    • Yoga
    • Breath Work
    • Shamanic Reiki Healing
    • Nutrition
    • Meditation
    • Sound Healing/Mantra
    • Retreats/Workshops

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