Reiki I Training & Attunement by Nicole Doherty

Saturday, Jan 31, 2015
Private Beach Residence in Venice, CA
12:30pm – 7:30pm (1 hour break)

Register by emailing
or call 415-378-8547
Limited to 6 people

–Learn the history of the Divinely guided Universal Life Force Energy known as Reiki
–Learn about the various levels, how its used, why it works
–Receive information about the Subtle Body, in particular the chakras
–Get your Reiki I Attunement by a Master Reiki practitioner
–Attain experiential knowledge of hand positions and practice healing on each other
–Receive knowledge of self-treatment and care so you can heal yourself

If you have questions about it please feel free to call or ping me.

Price: $175 includes standard Reiki Manual

*******What Are People’s Experiences? ***********

Here is some feedback that I have received, so you can understand the wide range of experiences you can have.

“ During my session I felt energy and colors moving throughout my body. She helped me …. areas that were blocked… to help unblock these chakras. I left feeling grounded, yet light…”

“I always leave appointments … feeling energized and inspired…”

“… incredibly intuitive and identified my main areas tension and depletion without my telling her. The treatment itself was super relaxing ….having left the treatment I was able to see more openness and capacity to give in my interactions with others. “

“… I felt uplifted, as if the air around me became galvanized….personalized the treatment based on my bio-feedback… I literally felt the world dissolve away. I experienced powerful emotion at times and left feeling grateful.”

“… dredged up and released stored anger and frustration in me, leaving me feeling like I am walking on air. “


  • Gracefully put yourself first
  • Practice radical self love
  • Free your authentic voice
  • Clarify your vision
  • Create inspired actions 

If you are ready to create breakthroughs and reclaim your passions, power and purpose then I invite you to schedule a free 15 min chat to begin your journey.

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