Shamanic Empowerment Retreat · July 19 – 25, 2018 · Mount Shasta

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Brothers + Sisters,

This retreat works with REAL life-changing transformational healing + empowerment coaching processes. Our interest is to RELEASE the conditions you’ve had your whole life, not just “Rainbow + Unicorn” them away!
Here are 9 questions that you can ask yourself…
–What lineage patterns are you sick of replaying?
–How is lack of self worth working for you?
–What results do you have living in fear of rejection, success or failure?
–How often to do you feel criticized and unloved by those around you?
–Does sadness or anger have a hold on your heart?
–When will you feel worthy enough to have the relationship + money you want?
–What keeps you in a job that you don’t like?
–Who is stopping you from creating the life that you desire?
–What if we could show you the pathway to joy, happiness, love and freedom?
This retreat is designed to help people to love themselves and experience powerful healing and transformation.  Join two master healers at Mt. Shasta’s premiere healing sanctuary for a potent week of body-mind-spirit practices for a complete upgrade of your life.
–Transpersonal Integrative Empowerment Group Coaching Session
–Group Shamanic healing sessions, including: Shamanic reiki, sound healing, crystal therapy, essential oils, alchemical hypnotherapy, somatic release techniques, and energy cleansing
–Snuff Ceremony (Rapé)
–Peruvian Andean Despacho Ceremony
–Transformational breath workshop + vibrational sacred sound healing
–Tantric Empowerment Rituals
–Personal manifesto
–Daily yin yoga + meditation practice
–Shamanic drum journey workshop
–Sacred site hikes with shamanic ritual practices
–Healthy organic clean vibrant foods
–Star gazing hot tub
–Talking Circles around the camp fire
–Beautiful mountain view accommodations at The Sacred Valley Healing Center

$1,555  – all inclusive with 6 nights of AirBnB style accommodation and 3 organic vegan meals per full day.
Airfare & ground transportation not included.  Options for pickup from Retreat Center owner.
Can accept credit cards, paypal and payment plans! Please contact Nicole for details + booking! (415) 378-8547.


More testimonials on the Sacred Valley Healing Center website….

“Alan is a remarkable and skilled healer who demonstrates the art of love through his Presence and practice… I say this with confidence and conviction after having worked with healers/teachers who have either performed “miracles” or helped to heal terminal illness. During my visit to Mt Shasta and after clearing a lot of lower chakra blockages, I started experiencing a lot of back pain and fear that I couldn’t get to the root of. I asked for help and was led to Alan by Spirit. I was put to ease by the energies of his healing land/center, as well as his responsiveness, attentiveness and gentleness that he showed throughout the session. In terms of the healing, my right side has been shaky and he helped to balance this energy which facilitated my ongoing work between my sacred masculine and feminine. My back pain ran along both sides of my spine in different areas and his clearing of past life blockages brought immense relief. In addition, I had been dealing with a lot of egoic resistance in the right side of my head which Alan helped to clear, bringing much greater clarity of mind and helping me to embody a lot of the spiritual energy I was experiencing in Mt Shasta. Lastly, when I returned to NYC to work with one of my teachers, it was the remembrance of Alan’s unconditional love and divine light that literally shined through his face, particularly his eyes, that brought a great shift within me – I was able to realize the love within that brought about a unifying energy that is bringing me closer to the realization of my divinity, another part of the healing work that occurred with Alan. It was an honor to work with him, and I am so appreciative of his healing support during this transformative journey. Thank you, Alan. Love + Light,” CHRISTA.- I.T. Executive

“I had felt led to work with a Shaman to dive deeper in my healing for about a year before I crossed paths with Alan. I am extremely grateful to have followed my intuition by waiting until I’d found ‘the real deal’… After my journey with him recently, I can say that I have never experienced such a profound inner shift, one that reconnected me with my true Nature, and helped me to re-member my Essence and purpose in this lifetime. My experience with Alan opened my heart in a way I could have never imagined. He is a True Healer, master guide, compassionate listener. His voice, presence, and Divine gift as a conduit for higher wisdom energies gently opened pathways that had previously been stagnant or blocked, allowing my inner Light to flow… It’s been several weeks since my Shamanic journey with Alan, and I am still awed by the experience. I feel truly transformed – more aligned and connected to myself and my purpose than ever before. Issues and patterns that had been recycling in my life have been healed at a root level. I feel at Peace. My heart has remained opened and new insights and synchronicities continue to unfold. Words cannot express the deep gratitude I feel for the many gifts I received during our session. Wherever you are on your path, I highly recommend Alan’s incredible healing work…your Spirit will remember why you did. “~ Nichola

“I began my phone sessions with Nicole to gain guidance during a switch from a job that wasn’t working me and into a new entrepreneurial career, but ended up gaining something even deeper than this. My career change had me feeling very lost and unsure where to begin, so we began by deciding on weekly tasks to accomplish, which truly worked! Nicole also advised me on how to structure my day to accomplish these goals and organize my time, which had me feeling more purposeful, more clear-headed, and more confident within the first two sessions. Plus, Nicole acted as a great mentor and friend to turn to for advice on tough conversations and decisions during this process. But while Nicole was wonderful in helping me through this transition, she helped me in an even more important way by setting me down a path towards towards becoming a happier, life-loving person. Our conversations brought forth the fact that in order to transition to a career and life that made me happier than my previous job, I needed to practice self-love, something that I realized I hadn’t been doing. Nicole encouraged me to think deeply within myself in ways that I never had before to find the things that were causing this, which was my perfectionism and some self-esteem issues caused by past experiences. Nicole gave me wise strategies for dealing with these fears that I can use long-term and left me with an upllifted mindset that I know I will carry with me in the future. No matter the circumstances, every conversation with Nicole left me feeling positive and uplifted, and this feeling grew stronger and stronger as our sessions progressed. Thank you so much Nicole!!”  SARAH D, Life Coaching Client

  • Gracefully put yourself first
  • Practice radical self love
  • Free your authentic voice
  • Clarify your vision
  • Create inspired actions 

If you are ready to create breakthroughs and reclaim your passions, power and purpose then I invite you to schedule a free 15 min chat to begin your journey.

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