Sonic Shamanic Workshop – Lightning in a Bottle – Sunday May 29th, 2016, Bradley, CA

Sonic Shamanic Workshop is the brainchild of DJ Medicine Man – Marques Wyatt & Shamanic Medicine Healer & Yogi – Nicole Doherty

marquesnicolesonicshamanicSunday, May 29th at 12pm – Lightning Stage @ Lightning in a Bottle

This workshop combines the ancient wisdom of vinyasa flow yoga, shamanic healing rituals and tribal medicine music to help you release energetic blockages, raise your vibration and re-connect you to the Universal Heart. Using prayer and ceremonial intention, we will design a safe and sacred container for you to dive deep within the many realms of existence. Guided meditation, victorious breath, and fluid movement will enable you to observe the patterns that hold you back from what you are wanting to create. To eliminate these blockages, you will be guided using visualization, meditation, and the shamanic sound healing tools of drums, singing bowls, rattles, and mantra. As you dissolve barriers on your journey, you will come to the portal of awakened consciousness and the threshold to absolute and unconditional love, remembering who you REALLY are.

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