Shamanic Lineage Reprogramming

Unravel your Ancestral Twine + Prosper!

Sunday, January 7, 2018
One Day Urban Retreat
Topanga Mountains
10 – 6pm


She maintains an image of success. She hits milestones and goals. She competes and strives and realizes that she wants more and more and more. Yet success or more money don’t change the voice inside that says “you don’t deserve it” and the fear and empty void that she feels inside.

She trolls social media all the time. She sees others living their dreams and thinks that something big is happening for them. She wants to be happy about it, but instead she thinks to herself “it might be too late for me” or “I’m not able” to do what they do. She realizes she compares herself. She lives in lack consciousness.

She goes to all the parties. She is the social butterfly that flits around and helps everyone in need. Yet she realizes she never does anything by herself or for herself. She is not sure of her choices. She realizes that she has relationships in order to seek validation, praise, and approval. Inside she actually feels alone.

She is so loving and filled with light. She gives so much of it to others. She gives so much she doesn’t see herself. In fact she hides from herself in other people’s challenges and lives. She realizes that she ends up in toxic relationships where she feels drained. She doesn’t know what she wants. She feels mistrusting of people and powerless.


These are some of my clients’ real life stories!

These are examples of ways that people experience their lives from a place of disconnect based on old lineage programming that’s running behind the scenes.

What these clients project outwardly is very different than how they feel inside.

Can you relate?


Until you choose to engage with and release these old programs, you will be stuck in a perpetual loop that creates evidence to support these past belief systems.

This retreat is here to help you STOP. You are not a victim. You are the creator of your experience!

The emptiness, powerlessness, lack consciousness, restlessness, and feelings of fear, is subconscious childhood programming that mostly happens before the age of 7.

Our primal relationships and experiences create neural imprints and patterns that get lodged in our body-mind system. The negative energy we hold affects our organs, tissues, health, energy, perception and how we live our lives.

I call these stories “core wounds”.

What would your life be like if you learned how to be deprogrammed?
What could you accomplish then?
What would be different?

There are people out there that are ready to take what I call “inspired action” and do something that will shift them out of this old paradigm thinking.

There are people who’d rather just stay the course and live a life run by their programs.

Which one are you?



I’ve created a one-day urban retreat that helps you re-program the subconscious so that the wounded child feels heard, you can create a new story, and you can call back your power and create the abundant life you want.

During our time together you will learn the same techniques I teach my one-on-one clients without paying thousands of dollars. These techniques transform the lower frequency vibrations, obstacles and belief systems that keep you stuck and limited.

What you will experience:

• Through my ‘Shamanic Empowerment Coaching’ and journaling we will unearth toxic family scripts
• Through ‘Shamanic Breathwork’ and ‘Shamanic Journeying’ we will connect with your lineage, dissolve toxic energetic ties and create a new heart wisdom relationship
• Through ‘Lineage reprogramming’ we will heal the fragmented child allowing for forgiveness
• Trough ‘Shamanic Re-scripting’ you will embody a new prosperous, wealth mindset and re-write a new unique story based on your grounded vision for yourself
• We also will be using utilizing light movement, meditation, tantra and sound healing techniques

You will learn how to:

• Listen to your body, so that when you get triggered you can find ‘resource’ from within and dissolve fear, anxiousness or worry immediately
• Feel safe, grounded and connected so that you experience a sense of belonging, trust and love in relationships
• Leave lack consciousness behind and shift into abundance and financial stability
• Create solid self-care practices that help you take action steps toward your vision

One-on-One Coaching + Deep Healing
We are only taking 6 applicants!
If you are ready to commit to yourself and stop desiring with no real results, take action!

Investment plans offered for up to 3 months!

Contact me through the “contact” page on the website for availability and payment instructions!

Here are images of our beautiful cabin in the woods just for us to do our work!!!

Recent client testimonial:
“I’ve had the fortunate privilege of experiencing the power and guidance of Nicole’s “Unleash the Shamanic Priestess Within” 12-week program. Through her expertise and many gifts, I was able to push myself to look more deeply inward to break old patterns that no longer served me. Through out the program, I was able to find clarity and insight on what I needed to change in order to be happier, and create healthier boundaries in both my relationships and professional life. Nicole is incredibly intuitive, kind and authentic with her approach and process. As a result of her work, I feel empowered with my daily rituals and tools that will help me to continue to my journey to my best self. I’m eternally grateful for her wisdom, compassion and direction. Thank you Nicole!” ~Caitlyn

  • Gracefully put yourself first
  • Practice radical self love
  • Free your authentic voice
  • Clarify your vision
  • Create inspired actions 

If you are ready to create breakthroughs and reclaim your passions, power and purpose then I invite you to schedule a free 15 min chat to begin your journey.

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