Yogi Seasonal Food Cleanse & Yoga Program (14 Days)

Yogi Seasonal Food Cleans & Yoga Program (14 Days)
Group Cleanse January 6 – 19th, 2014

For more information, visit: YogiFoodCleanse.com

Join our professional team of yogis for a 14 day seasonal food cleanse designed to align your physical and energetic bodies as the weather and season changes.  You will learn how to detoxify and heal the body through the use of local, organic, sustainable food and use our yoga practice to further eliminate toxins and boost your immune system.  This is the ultimate “foodie” cleanse!  No starving here, just wholesome clean foods that will make you feel better than ever!  We hope that after participating in the 14 day cleanse, you will attain the knowledge that will guide you toward long term healthier practices and an enhanced life!

14 Day Cleanse Includes:

  • Optional Q&A conference call to answer any questions
  • PDF workbook including:
  1. A detailed description of the cleanse.
  2. Expert advice on how to succeed and get the most out of the cleanse.
  3. Yoga practice and guidelines for you to follow during the cleanse
  4. Food Journal templates
  5. Two week sample menu
  6. Shopping list
  7. List of local farmers markets and organic markets
  8. Delicious seasonal vegan recipes
  9. Self Care Guidelines
  10. Helpful instructions for cooking and preparing dishes
  11. Ton’s of information on organic food, vegan food, raw food, processed foods, etc.
  • Email forum for cleansers to communicate with each other and us
  • Helpful videos and bi-weekly emails to help you along the way

Look for us on Facebook: “Yogi Seasonal Food Cleanse & Yoga Program”

For more information, visit: YogiFoodCleanse.com

Or Email Nicole Doherty here.

  • Gracefully put yourself first
  • Practice radical self love
  • Free your authentic voice
  • Clarify your vision
  • Create inspired actions 

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