yoga-instruction-training-classes Meditation is designed to wake you up to the fundamental nature of your existence. In our fast paced lives we think we have no time to meditate.  Guess what? We are the ones who need it the most!  Take just 5 min and you can start a practice! You are not going to have to change your life to meditate and it enriches all that you do in your life.

There are many forms of meditation – guided, silent, moving, chanting, mantras and more.  You will need to experience many forms in order to decide what is a good fit. As a meditation facilitator, I can help you design a practice that suits your needs.

Key Benefits

    • better sleep
    • improved memory
    • calmness & peace
    • stress reduction
    • a sense of greater well being in all areas of your life
    • accessing your own great expanded consciousness
    • creativity
    • synchronicity
    • knowingness/trust
    • self-love
    • compassion
    • equanimity
    • greater clarity
    • restores the memory of wholeness within us


Guided Private Sessions


  • 30 min – $30
  • 45 min – $45
  • (Packages available to lower the per price sit)