nicole-doherty-reiki-healing3Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation. A warm and soothing energy flows from the hands into the client and promotes relaxation and release of tension.

Reiki comes from the Japanese kanji or ideograms used in the Japanese language. “Rei” means spiritual or universal wisdom and “ki” means vital life force like the Sanskit term Prana. The “ki” is guided by pure spiritual consciousness. The practitioner does not guide the Reiki, the Reiki guides itself and the practitioner is simply a channel for its direction. Reiki is a special type of healing energy that can only be delivered through practitioners that have been attuned to it by Master Reiki teachers.

Key Benefits

    • Balances the flow of energy for overall well-being
    • Provides relaxation and release of tension
    • Offers better and deeper sleep
    • Nourishes the physical organs and tissues
    • Supports the cells of the body and vital functioning
    • Shifts negative thinking and releases blocks that cause illness
    • Raises the vibration of the energy field
    • Cleans the aura
    • Clears the chakras, nadis and meridians

Typical Session: 30 min / 1-hour sessions

Nicole has received her Master Reiki Certifications in the Usui system of natural healing from Reiki Master Teachers Alan Waugh and Eleonore Koury,

Trainings/Attunements: Full Day or Full Weekend

Reiki 1 & 2 Training Dates are ongoing.  Please check events page here for current Reiki training dates.

Modern Day Reiki Discovery

Reiki is a practice that is referenced as a “laying on of hands” in scriptures from ancient Tibet and rediscovered by Mikao Usui in 1922, a doctor of Theology with the command of the English, Japenese, Chinese and Sanskrit languages. After a 21-day meditation in solitude at Mt. Kurama, he was spiritually awakened and delivered the ancient symbols that are keys and vehicles for Reiki healing energy. Usui began to create healing miracles with this energy the moment after their discovery.

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