What is a Shamanic Empowerment Coach?

As your Shamanic Empowerment Coach, I am a highly intuitive, loving, and powerful guide that helps you on a shamanic healing journey of personal transformation.  Our sessions are a collaborative, co-creative process of self-discovery. I am a catalyst for helping you to learn more about the stories, limiting beliefs and uncertainties that hold you back from experiencing the life you envision.  Through direct, powerful questions, intuitive healing and other methods, I hold space for you to dive into your heart and uncover your interests, challenges, and life goals.  Together, we create movement through action plans that will unlock your highest potential and tap you into your soul’s purpose. As your accountability partner, I support you in building new pathways in your life and business that will empower your personal evolution and help you thrive.

Key Benefits

    • Personal transformation, activation and awakening
    • Healing around old stories, patterns, and limiting beliefs
    • Design your life vision
    • Build confidence and be in your personal power
    • Co-create solutions and actions
    • Catalyze change
    • Generate new possibilities
    • Create goals and experience accountability
    • Access the wisdom of your body and energy centers
    • Live in abundance and prosperity
    • Address the whole of you – body, mind & spirit

Typical Session

Shamanic Empowerment Coaching typically is a 60 – 90 min phone call weekly or bi-weekly depending on the program. Plus, I offer a half day opening ceremony, plus other modalities like shamanic healing work, yoga, rituals, ceremonies reiki energy healing, meditation and much more during the programs.

Book Your FREE 1×1 Discovery Call

I offer a few program formats such as Group Coaching and 1×1 Personalized Coaching. Let’s hop on a call so I can learn your specific needs.

I offer the free discovery call so that you can get a better understanding of this deep healing process through my coaching programs. During this session, we will discuss the opportunities you have for creating real, lasting transformative change and we’ll decide if this is a good fit for both of us.

Client Testimonials

"Before working with Nicole I struggled with recognizing and harnessing my personal power. I would often look toward external sources for validation, easily got caught up in the "how" and logistics of things, and did not fully understand how to effectively nurture and hold space for myself for the wounds I carried and belief systems that needed to be re-evaluated. During the program, I was encouraged to have an open and kind conversation with my ego without it feeling threatened when faced with fear or controlling tendencies. Rather than perpetuating old stories or burying my shadow even deeper, I was shown ways to tap into the courage, compassion, and patience needed to pose the right questions and challenge the underlying program so that I can take inspired action in healing myself and step into the potential I know I am capable of. The practices and assignments I was given helped awaken a side of me that inherently knows that I can trust myself as well as exercise how to intuitively feel into right action. My heart feels fuller and brighter knowing that I've let go of a lot of baggage and learned how to fine tune my own energetic blueprint so that I truly have the ability co-create my reality and magnetize what I desire. I feel much more ready to be seen and heard in addition to feeling very well equipped on how to fulfill, take care of, and love myself."

Jeanette, Life Coaching Client
Violet Lange, Harvard Grad, CEO of The Pleasure Path

Nicole has masterfully been helping me to reclaim my power, guide me back to my true vision for my life, provide me practices and inquiries to get grounded and aligned with my truth, unlock strength and insight that felt dormant, navigate with me a new sense of self that's true and given me permission to trust myself and my intuition. This past year has been the most tumultuous year of my life…Nicole has helped me to find my power and celebrate who I am versus running away or jumping out. Nicole your guidance and wisdom are incredible.

Violet Lange, Harvard Grad, CEO of The Pleasure Path
Brandy D, CFO

My initial intention for coaching was with the goal of diet/food. I realized through the program that there were emotional and mental barriers that were much deeper that were the core issues. I was hiding my power behind my pain and weight. I began a meditation practice and now I meditate 15 - 45 min a day. This is one of the most impactful parts of the coaching. Now, I am aware of my emotions and subconscious programming and how that affects my choices. I am more conscious about everything in my life. I know what I desire. I am visioning in all categories of my life and how they relate to my purpose. I feel more trusting and safe around people and with myself and my intuition. I can find compassion and forgiveness. I have a much deeper connection to Spirit and my guides. My experience with Nicole has greatly improved my life in many ways!

Brandy D, CFO
Misa, Landscape Designer

I needed a guide, someone who was spiritual, but also successful and pragmatic in her approach to healing. I recognized all of my own potential and saw glimpses of who I could become, but felt as though I was somehow preventing myself from acting on this. I was depressed about feeling disconnected from the path. I was stuck. My intentions for the program were: I wanted to be happy with my work, accept myself as I am, and rid of my attachments to past experiences. I am more accepting of myself, which naturally has led to a greater feeling of connection with and acceptance of the world around me. This program was challenging, but I am left feeling proud of myself for taking a risk and investing in something that has essentially granted me freedom. I would recommend Nicole's program to anyone who is looking to take back her power and move beyond whatever self-imposed barriers are keeping her from following the path that was meant for her.

Misa, Landscape Designer

"I've had the fortunate privilege of experiencing the power and guidance of Nicole's "Unleash the Shamanic Priestess Within" 12-week program. Through her expertise and many gifts, I was able to push myself to look more deeply inward to break old patterns that no longer served me. Through out the program, I was able to find clarity and insight on what I needed to change in order to be happier, and create healthier boundaries in both my relationships and professional life. Nicole is incredibly intuitive, kind and authentic with her approach and process. As a result of her work, I feel empowered with my daily rituals and tools that will help me to continue to my journey to my best self. I'm eternally grateful for her wisdom, compassion and direction. Thank you Nicole!" ~Caitlyn

Caitlyn M, Life Coaching Client

I want to write a special massive dose of gratitude to Nicole, not only is she one of my dear friends but what most of you may not know is that she's also been my coach over the last 6 weeks in her life coaching program. Nicole has been masterfully:

*helping me to reclaim my power *guiding me back to my true vision for my life *providing me practices and inquiries to get grounded and aligned with my truth *unlocking strength and insight that felt dormant *navigating with me a new sense of self that's both softer and more expanded and true *giving me permission to trust myself and my intuition This past year has been the most tumultuous year of my life ...getting married, moving, launching The Pleasure Path's signature offering Queens of Pleasure, letting go of most of my family in our current way of relating, leaving a program and tribe of 150 women when I felt the leader was out of integrity, doing deep healing work with my teachers, dissolving Executive Sutra, letting go of all yoga teaching and reiki healing clients, changing my name to Violet... I've never felt so much loss and I've never felt such a call to belong to myself, to get clear on what I want to create, and to be at choice. Nicole has helped me to find my power internally and connect to earth and celebrate who I am versus running away or jumping persevere and build faith. On an external level, with her loving support I've served 59 women into Queens of Pleasure and just launched a year-long program Queens Club which is almost half-way enrolled . I feel I am doing the work in the world I'm meant to do, work which inspires me and supports me--work I want to do for the rest of my life. No doubt I feel fear and trembling, which I'm finally honoring versus rushing ahead...and I also feel deep gratitude and awe at the teachers which show up for me. Even though it's been the most lonely year it's also been the most supportive in a paradoxical way. Nicole your guidance and wisdom are incredible and I'm so grateful for you !!!

V.L., Mentor Client

"When I found Nicole I was in a major life transition and what felt like crisis mode. I was unhappy with my job and didn’t really know what I wanted to do. I felt like I had tunnel vision and could not see beyond the current job that was unsatisfying. When we began our work I didn’t understand how things were going to shift, but as we went through the mentorship process things unfolded and it became very clear that there were many things in my life feeding this feeling of malaise. I started to get a holistic view of my life. The main result that I received from this training is the understanding that I am the creator of my reality. As I change my perspective my whole life changes around me. I am grateful that I had a mentor guide me through this phase in my life to support this change and help me to focus and discover what I want and desire in my life. I now have tools in place moving forward that I can use for a lifetime. I created goals for my future to keep accountable. I feel empowered, supported and ready for the next phase of my life!” ~E.M., Coaching Client

E.M., Mentorship Client

You have truly changed life my Nicole, you are such an inspiration to me. You got me on my path of healing, self-love & self-discovery. You have truly changed my life. I am so grateful for you sharing your light and personal journey with the world. I can't imagine how many other people have been helped by simply the example you set. Thanks for being you - you shining, loving, divine goddess!!! Infinite blessings to YOU, Michelle

Michelle, Life Coaching Client

Courage. Empowerment.Transformation. Self-Love. Patience. Perspective. And self-actualization. These are the words I use to describe my experience with Nicole Doherty. I started working with Nicole as a life coach to leave a job in which I was unhappy and unfulfilled. Nicole helped me accomplish this goal, but I gained much more from working with her than a new career. Nicole enabled me to unearth the causes underlying my discontentment for my job, and she dared me to engage in a process of self-discovery which has forever changed the course and trajectory of my life. With her insight and encouragement, I unveiled and overcame fears and old patterns holding me back from reaching my potential; I identified my strengths and recognized how I can use use them to further my goals; and I explored my passions and learned how to prioritize and integrate them in my personal and professional life. Nicole helped me "dive deep," while giving me the practical tools necessary to implement real change. She provided tools and self-reflective practices which assisted me in revealing my true self; she created a schedule to keep me focused and accountable; she taught me how to set goals and apportion my time to meet them; and, through it all, she gave me permission to have fun and be creative in the process. In the end, Nicole became not only a life coach but a sounding board, mentor and friend. I transformed from unsure and scared to confident and courageous. In my lifelong process of "becoming," Nicole was, and remains, integral. She turned a quick search for a change in career into a meaningful journey of personal enlightenment. I'm forever grateful for her help. You can do it too!

Bradley Thomasma, Life Coach Client

I began speaking with Nicole to gain guidance during a switch from a job that wasn't working me and into a new entrepreneurial career, but ended up gaining something even deeper than this. My career change had me feeling very lost and unsure where to begin, so we began by deciding on weekly tasks to accomplish, which truly worked! Nicole also advised me on how to structure my day to accomplish these goals and organize my time, which had me feeling more purposeful, more clear-headed, and more confident within the first two sessions. Plus, Nicole acted as a great mentor and friend to turn to for advice on tough conversations and decisions during this process. But while Nicole was wonderful in helping me through this transition, she helped me in an even more important way by setting me down a path towards towards becoming a happier, life-loving person. Our conversations brought forth the fact that in order to transition to a career and life that made me happier than my previous job, I needed to practice self-love, something that I realized I hadn't been doing. Nicole encouraged me to think deeply within myself in ways that I never had before to find the things that were causing this, which was my perfectionism and some self-esteem issues caused by past experiences. Nicole gave me wise strategies for dealing with these fears that I can use long-term and left me with an upllifted mindset that I know I will carry with me in the future. No matter the circumstances, every conversation with Nicole left me feeling positive and uplifted, and this feeling grew stronger and stronger as our sessions progressed. Thank you so much Nicole!!

Sarah D., Life Coaching Client
Michelle Case, Sales

I came to Nicole at a time when I was spinning my wheels. I'd made some big changes in my life which unexpectedly brought on anxiety and confusion, rather than the predicted increase in day-to-day happiness. Working with Nicole, we teased out what truly fulfills me and brings me joy and peace. The weekly exercises are life-long tools that I will treasure. Nicole helped me to come up with an attainable plan to get me out of my current situation and doing what I love. All in all, I'm blown away by how much Nicole was able to help me.She taught me how to better serve myself and my dreams for the future. Nicole is gifted not only in her ability to heal and nurture, but to make things happen.

Michelle Case, Sales