"I feel as though I have taken a leap into alignment with the true Amelia! I have found a deeper sense of self love and ways to get to know and nurture my own self needs and desires. It has been simple, but profoundly life changing. What was stopping me when I found this program was my own, self limiting beliefs. I had outdated, conditioned ways of thinking that no longer were serving me. My attachments to my childhood mishaps and traumas were limiting my ability to forgive and let go. Prior to this coaching program, I also had a hard time saying no, or feeling guilty when I did. My biggest takeaway is that my life is my choice and I get to chose the attitude, the outcomes, when I say yes and when I say no. I cannot wait to work through this again, maybe even take longer than a week with each action item (week) I absolutely LOVE the resources offered and hope to utilize many of them on a regular basis. I have noticed a tremendous difference in my ability to discern how I am feeling about a situation or commitment, and make the right choice that is in alignment with my needs. The experiences with Nicole of shadow work, inner child healing, forgiveness, appreciation, gratitude, self love, and many many more will be a beautiful benefit as I learn to hold space in a healthy manner for others in my life." ~Amelia Taylor, Registered Nurse.