I miss you all so much, waking up and seeing your smiling faces, the meals we shared, coffee talks, yoga, meditation, and frolicking in the ocean.  It's been lovely sharing new experiences and seeing things with you all for the first time.  I feel so blessed and cannot think of a better group to have spent this retreat with.  I left it up to the Universe and it answered! To be in the presence of "like" beings who share the same desire to better ourselves on our path to living happy, full lives, is very meaningful to me.  I love our little family and how supportive we were of each other, shared intimacy, and deep work going out of our comfort zones. Truly beautiful to witness our individual transformations and healing processes.  Stefano swallowing the sun!  WE are love!  Thanks for all the laughter, truly the best medicine of all.  I still chuckle when I think about our late night skinny dipping, Kim Jung Il comedy show, sports illustrated swimsuit shoot, Kris, sunrise Burning Man ride (what are we gonna wear? headlamps only).  I look forward to Stefano's poem about this whole experience!  I will think of all of you next time I run around on the beach naked.  I wish you all the best as you travel along your paths, the Mystic, the Poet, the Birdman, the Waterfall Muse and the Healer. Most of all, thank you Nicole for making all of this possible and for sharing your divine beauty, strength and wisdom!  You truly have many gifts!  I admire your strong leadership, and inspiration in trusting the Universe and manifesting your source power.  Thank you for your teaching, guidance and love.   You are so special, bright shining star, and you will be a great mom!  I feel honored to have shared this time in your life with you, and look forward to hearing more.  Best wishes, and let me know how the "decluttering" is going :) ~Know thyself
~Accept thyself
~Love thyself
~Live thyself