Nicole Doherty's Yoga and Empowerment Retreat in Costa Rica was simply amazing! Our hosts in the jungle at Buenaventura and at the beach at Encantada were so friendly and hospitable, and between the two locales, we attuned to many powerful vibrations of Mother Earth: rivers, rain forests, sustainable organic farming, waterfalls, primordial clay, rocks, trees, tropical birds, waves, sunsets, the beach, and the great Pacific Ocean. Such incredible settings for personal transformation! But the shining star of the experience was Nicole herself.  Whether on a retreat or in a class, a yoga teacher holds incredible sway on the energetic direction of the experience.  Nicole's energy is nurturing, encouraging, supportive, and fun.  She is authentic and genuine about her spiritual path, but she's also down to Earth.  Without missing a beat, she can switch from talking about channeling the Divine to growing up in suburban New Jersey or hitting the town in San Francisco. With a steady, gentle hand, an open, non-judgmental heart, and her bright, easy smile, she held space for each of us and coaxed us to open our wings and take flight physically, spiritually, and creatively.  Not only are her yoga series intelligent and well-sequenced, but she deftly interweaves teachings from diverse modalities such as life coaching, shamanism, chakras, reiki, astrology, kirtan, and meditation, resulting in a truly life-changing yoga and empowerment experience. And while doing this work on ourselves, we had a lot of fun, too!  We hiked to multiple waterfalls, swam in a rushing river, did a full-body blue clay treatment, took surfing and salsa dance lessons, went bird watching, skinny-dipped in the ocean, had poetry readings, a comedy performance, and even took a sunrise bike ride on the playa, all the while eating delicious, lovingly-prepared organic meals. We all left Costa Rica with our eyes, hearts, and souls wide open, and each and every one of us will live a better, more mindful life because we went on this retreat.  Most highly recommended! Pura Vida!