"When we started this program I was feeling a lot of self doubt and lack of patience. I was holding myself back from pursuing new projects or ideas and heavily in self-judgment and sabotage. One of my biggest takeaways from your program is that where I was stagnant before, now I have gained direction and clarity as well as tools to carry forward on my continuing journey of healing and growth. I have a greater sense of trust in my abilities and my intuition. I am continuing to expand in more areas of self growth such as spiritual, emotional, physical, and material. This program gave you tools to look into my core and heal myself through energy and love and reflection. It is valuable because of the simple, yet powerful tools that you can use for the rest of your life. I really enjoyed the journaling because I have always enjoyed writing, and for a long time i just felt stuck and didn’t know where to start. With the self reflections it was like a dam broke and a lot of the time I couldn’t stop writing! I also enjoyed the recorded meditations and visualizations, as they really helped me process emotions and energy in a more creative way. I definitely will be using a lot of these tools again and again moving forward and using the outline of this work as some inspiration as I continue to grow my own practice. The way you present the work to your clients makes it very fun and easy to be enthusiastic about it. I appreciate the focus on accountability! I have loved connecting with you! Even though our process has felt long and intense at times, it feels like it went by in a flash! So much gratitude!” ~ Cierra P.