"When I found Nicole I was in a major life transition and what felt like crisis mode. I was unhappy with my job and didn’t really know what I wanted to do. I felt like I had tunnel vision and could not see beyond the current job that was unsatisfying. When we began our work I didn’t understand how things were going to shift, but as we went through the mentorship process things unfolded and it became very clear that there were many things in my life feeding this feeling of malaise. I started to get a holistic view of my life. The main result that I received from this training is the understanding that I am the creator of my reality. As I change my perspective my whole life changes around me. I am grateful that I had a mentor guide me through this phase in my life to support this change and help me to focus and discover what I want and desire in my life. I now have tools in place moving forward that I can use for a lifetime. I created goals for my future to keep accountable. I feel empowered, supported and ready for the next phase of my life!” ~E.M., Coaching Client