"Before working with Nicole I struggled with recognizing and harnessing my personal power. I would often look toward external sources for validation, easily got caught up in the "how" and logistics of things, and did not fully understand how to effectively nurture and hold space for myself for the wounds I carried and belief systems that needed to be re-evaluated. During the program, I was encouraged to have an open and kind conversation with my ego without it feeling threatened when faced with fear or controlling tendencies. Rather than perpetuating old stories or burying my shadow even deeper, I was shown ways to tap into the courage, compassion, and patience needed to pose the right questions and challenge the underlying program so that I can take inspired action in healing myself and step into the potential I know I am capable of. The practices and assignments I was given helped awaken a side of me that inherently knows that I can trust myself as well as exercise how to intuitively feel into right action. My heart feels fuller and brighter knowing that I've let go of a lot of baggage and learned how to fine tune my own energetic blueprint so that I truly have the ability co-create my reality and magnetize what I desire. I feel much more ready to be seen and heard in addition to feeling very well equipped on how to fulfill, take care of, and love myself."