"I was looking for something to help me really dig deep and release past trauma so I could lead a more peaceful life, moving forward. I have been to therapy before, but nothing seemed to really work for me. I've always walked away feeling like I needed tools, as well as the therapy sessions. In the past, I was never given tools and a plan to follow in conquering my emotions, now I feel like I have a game plan to follow each time I feel something I would like to release. I was finally able to get ahead of these emotions that have had a solid grip on me for my entire life. I'm proud of myself and how I made time for this. The homework and countless tools you gave each week after our meetings have proven invaluable to my healing and I've made really significant strides in releasing, healing and forgiving past traumas and pain. My meditation practice has really improved in length and concentration and being able to receive answers. I loved the journaling and the ones about stopping myself when feeling triggered. I mean I really loved all the action items and tools will continue to use them all! My online meetings with you Nicole were wonderful. I loved being with someone who is like-minded and a powerful and insightful teacher and healer. I would highly recommend this program!" ~ Jessica Miller Yoga, Coaching Client