I was drawn to Nicole’s 12-week Unleash The Priestess program because I felt strongly that although things were very good in my life, they could be even better.   I had an incredible husband (who is also my spiritual partner and teacher without even trying to be), a "great job” (and I was able to take advantage of its unlimited vacation policy to my immense pleasure), and for the first time in my life, I was not worried about money.  But I knew I wasn’t living my highest-grade life and I felt that I had much, much more to offer the world.  I just yearned for much more “life” in my life. I knew that I couldn’t be my highest self without unblocking a few things in connection with my relationship with my parents and also with my then-current job, but I wasn’t sure where to begin to unravel these things.  I was stuck in a loop of (a) focusing on “gratitude” for all I had, including my job, even though so much about it felt awful to me, and (b) just avoiding certain triggers, e.g., anything related to my parents. Over the course of my 12 weeks with Nicole I unpacked a ton of stuff and began to really feel that my story was just a story.  Through journaling exercises (especially those related to the Inner Child / Victim story) and of course during our weekly calls, I also identified some major energy leaks which I didn’t realize were sucking my energy away from my presence, and thus keeping me from having the energy to be my highest self.   Besides this, I made huge practical steps in my life, which I never would have expected but am so excited about:  After over a decade of a very brittle relationship with my parents and little to no interaction with them, during the first few weeks of my work with Nicole, I established a nourishing and positive relationship with my dad, which I never would’ve imagined.  Our Inner Child / Victim work, and related mediations and the “cord cutting” meditation were really helpful here, as well as our weekly calls.  I also left my job and left LA, returning to NYC.  I would never have had the courage to walk away from this job without something else lined up, but through my work with Nicole — and hearing and seeing the way I spoke and journaled about the job — I realized that the job was draining my energy and taking so much space, so that there was no room for anything else to emerge.  I was only clinging to it out of fear (scared Inner Child). Same with life in LA — everything about it was an energy drain for me.  In one of the Future Self meditations / visioning, my setting was the lawn in Prospect Park, Bkln — from which I am now living steps away.  I am loving being back in NYC, where I can continue to practice “feeling” into actions and leaning towards joy. It’s so easy here to reconnect  with parks, nature, the energy of the city, everything that feels so good and joyful and authentic to me.  It is incredible to have flexible time, during weekdays, and I don’t feel guilty about that.  I know it’s temporary and that I deserve and need this time and space, which I haven’t had for so long. I don’t know exactly what’s next for me career-wise, but now I am full of more wonder than worry and more love than fear.  Though I can’t spend money as freely as I enjoyed doing over the past couple of years, I am truly joyful much of every day and I know that prosperity and abundance of all kinds are mine.  Lots of career opportunities have been coming up — and as an added bonus, with the new space I’ve made for myself, I’m even planning to lead a yoga and pilates retreat next year!   Yes, there is lots more work to be done, and the fear does come up from time to time, but it is quieter than ever, and now I have some tools to deal with it, and a stronger and bigger sense of faith and trust.  And I know that Nicole is always there, with kindness, patience, and love.   ~Joan P.