This program is an opportunity to dig deep and release the old patterns that have been running loose inside me. I was feeling stuck in the life I was living and this program gave me clarity on why I wasn't able to move forward. I now have the tools to move into a life based on true passion, truth, feelings, and light. I think I was able to make A LOT of gains during this course, especially in some areas with my family. Some of my biggest takeaways were gaining insights into events that happened in the past that are still effecting me today, having the knowledge to understand the disconnect between my head and my body, and learning how to make decisions based on my heart and body, not my head! I have gained the awareness and the tools which will benefit me in the future when I am feeling uneasy. I am proud of myself for finding the clarity that I needed and diving deeper within myself during this time. This program gives you a chance to unlock how you want to live your life and find your truth!