"I no longer have the fear that I had before. I needed to heal trauma from the past to move forward. I was being held captive to my guilt of past decisions.
I started prioritizing my health and family over work. My husband said to me just this past week—- so great to have my Laura back!!
I loved this program! I loved the weekly summary and prep for following week. This was super helpful in helping me curate content for longer term integration. I loved the meditation on future self, creating a pie chart of my time, THE MANTRAS!!!, and really really benefited from thinking through the work/life balance shifts in personal growth, career, relationships etc…
I am stronger in knowing I do deserve a peaceful life.
There were so many takeaways, but the BEST was reclaiming the power I had to make a change for self care and self-love!
I feel lighter and can’t wait to continue working on this so I can get to my goal of more liberation. :-)."
I recommend this as a healing, self-discovery journey to help you reclaim your power and let go of the baggage not serving you.”  Laura Long, VP Human Resources, Coaching Client