"My biggest takeaway in the "Unleash the Priestess” program was learning how to understand my triggers and shadows in a spiritual and compassionate way, so I can navigate them and control my behaviors that got in the way of my happiness, relationships, and purpose.
I can now handle situations that have been difficult in the past, in a different way that will be not painful or dramatic. I am now expressing my needs and emotions with grace and respect. I feel more calm, compassionate, in control, and excited for the inspiration to create new possibilities.
I'm proud of myself for investing and doing this work at this very special time in my life and within the collective. I'm empowered by my freedom, my skills and my belief in my Higher Self. I feel my divine feminine with power, sensuality and love.
Nicole you were a great guide and coach, especially in the live sessions, which helped me with breakthroughs and understanding behaviors in a compassionate, but powerful way, igniting the divine feminine within." ~Maria Tico, Coaching Client