Thank you again for that amazing workshop! I had been craving an arm balance workshop and it came at the perfect time. You did a wonderful job of walking us through the poses and your knowledge of each poses was really evident. You're an awesome teacher! The Grow Your Wings workshop was INCREDIBLY useful and I'm finding that focusing on my core and bandhas in arm balances really makes a huge difference. Also, I'm really happy we did Flying Pigeon. That poses strikes fear in me and it was immensely beneficial to spend a lot of time just going for it. I definitely conquered the fear that day and pose is becoming more and more approachable for me. Also, I was able to hold a handstand in the middle of the room...that was a huge step since I had never held a handstand without the wall before then. It's such an awesome feeling advancing in my yoga practice! Thanks again, Nicole! I'm looking forward to taking a class or workshop with you again!