"I had many big takeaways from the “Unleash the Priestess Within”
program. I realized that I have been playing out a story that I am a
victim. I had been people pleasing and being a rescuer due to a deeply
rooted old narrative of unworthiness. I became aware of my leaking
energies and that my masculine and feminine energies were not
balanced. My self-awareness and understanding has grown exponentially. I have
learned that speaking my truth and creating boundaries is a necessity.
I know now fully I am the architect to create the life I desire. This program was beautiful, thoughtful, and comprehensive. I plan to make this work a lifelong journey of ongoing growth. I loved
the program and tools! I’m using my SMART goals, my vision board, and
my meditations still. I highly recommend working with Nicole Doherty! Thank you!" - Melanie V.