I hope everyone is well and acclimated to the life in the big city. I also miss our walks and talks and the lovely structure of our days! The transition is always challenging for me, but I am finding that this time it's easier - I am happier, centered, rested, and full of gratitude for all the amazing gifts I received. Life is throwing challenges my way as usual, but I find I am better equipped to handle them this time around. And, I am grateful for my challenges! It's fantastic to re-establish my faith in the power of the universe - the retreat was the best medicine for my cynicism and doubt! And, my mind is absolutely blown by all the synchronicity. I am a believer! Thank you all for your presence, support, listening, sharing, friendship, adventurous spirit, and all the laughs and silliness! And most of all, THANK YOU NICOLE!  You were a teacher, a catalyst of change, a healer, a joy to be around, and a HUGE inspiration! I am humbled, awed, inspired, and eternally grateful! Till we meet again soon! Pura Vida!