I am feeling great. I am feeling really independent and strong with who I am. The program with Nicole, you:), helped me to take the phrase “you can do anything you put your mind to” and shift it to not just words, but a deep seeded understanding that I can truly do anything I put my attitude to. The tools you equipped me with by being a reflection of my own power helped me to realize that I had that power all along. When I started the program I was insecure, codependent on a unhealthy relationship, and grieving the loss of my father. Now after having completed the program I feel truly free to use life, my mind, emotions, and body as tools to create the life of my dreams. Instead of being afraid of the dark parts of my past I can use them as tools to understand how I relate to life and not let them define me anymore. I feel deeply connected to my own light love and power that I am. I feel not alone but one with all. In that oneness I feel my dad's personality in that way, that with his passing or rather expanding into the great oneness, the more I connect to that the more I can feel his presence. Everything that I admired about him, his drive, one-pointedness, ability to find the fun in everything and his attitude that we get to be here. I feel that acting through me. I feel his love coming through me from the inside and therefor I feel a greater love for myself and all the parts of my personality that are like him. Thank you for this program and how it helped me to get off the sidelines of my life and become the author of my own story. Sarah vale