Clients received, spiritual connection, self expression, self love and unpacked loads of subconscious programs and trauma. Some said they got out of it more than years of therapy and that it changed their lives! “I loved being given the tools to experience my strong connection with spirit and reconnecting with the faith that all the knowledge I need about my life is within me.” “The non-judge mental space you created allowed me to express my deepest ‘secrets’ that I’ve not felt safe talking about before. This in itself was deeply healing.” “Each week I was able to focus on a part of me that needed healing or attention. I was happy to be so specific and make progress on my journey.” “I unlocked a core wounding experience— this had a domino effect on understanding all of my patterns. I released my victimhood from adolescent trauma.” “I got more in 10 weeks with you than 2 years in Therapy!” “It changed by life!”