"I really loved Unleash the Priestess, and felt like I learned about myself in a much deeper way. I was fascinated by learning about the chakra systems, and learning to work through blocks at each level! I got to some of the roots of my patterns that were no longer serving me. I learned about how the guilt I experience, relates to the part of me that identifies with the martyr – wanting to always take care of others. I learned to check-in with myself, and ask what I need, before taking care of others. I was able to become more mindful of my automatic response, and really think about what need of mine, wasn’t being met. This has taught me to take a pause when I’m triggered, and process where it stems from more strategically. The program helps you understand what blocks may be getting in your way, where they came from, and the ways it may manifest in your present day life. Nicole provides tools, compassion, and strong guidance to help you work through them, so that you may come to develop an intimate relationship with yourself. With tools and working through our programming, healing is inevitable. Nicole will hold you accountable in a real and kind way, and ask vital questions that help you to identify your goals, so that you may live in alignment with what you’re truly seeking. Going through the program has taught me to love myself, and access greater abundance. I’ve learned ways to be in my power as a woman, so that I can show up in the world with more strength and loving awareness." ~Therese A., Therapist, Coaching Client