"I realized that before this program I was so busy blaming others. This program helped me acknowledge and address some deep rooted trauma. Through this program, I let it go, the weight of the world has been lifted. My perspective changed and suddenly it’s quiet, peaceful- I have time to focus on creating and have a new found realization that anything & everything is possibly. If you can dream it, you can make it reality. Through “Unleash the Priestess” I had to take responsibility for myself, my actions, my reactions. I had to dig deep & realize that I am the only one that can make “me” happy. I had to learn to let go of emotions that no longer served me & step into a place of peace, balance, love. It has given me a clear perspective on how to deal with any issue that arises. Tools like NVC, acknowledgement of of what others might be feeling or going through. A whole new perspective. Nicole, you are amazing. You have given me a deeper understanding of spirituality. This is ending too soon, but I am going to continue on my spiritual journey and want to take more classes on shamanism & reiki. I loved the action items. I will absolutely use them in the future.” ~Wendy Sereika, Senior Sales Executive, Coaching Client