New Testimonials

"I really loved Unleash the Priestess, and felt like I learned about myself in a much deeper way. I was fascinated by learning about the chakra systems, and learning to work through blocks at each level! I got to some of the roots of my patterns that were no longer serving me. I learned about how the guilt I experience, relates to the part of me that identifies with the martyr – wanting to always take care of others. I learned to check-in with myself, and ask what I need, before taking care of others. I was able to become more mindful of my automatic response, and really think about what need of mine, wasn’t being met. This has taught me to take a pause when I’m triggered, and process where it stems from more strategically. The program helps you understand what blocks may be getting in your way, where they came from, and the ways it may manifest in your present day life. Nicole provides tools, compassion, and strong guidance to help you work through them, so that you may come to develop an intimate relationship with yourself. With tools and working through our programming, healing is inevitable. Nicole will hold you accountable in a real and kind way, and ask vital questions that help you to identify your goals, so that you may live in alignment with what you’re truly seeking. Going through the program has taught me to love myself, and access greater abundance. I’ve learned ways to be in my power as a woman, so that I can show up in the world with more strength and loving awareness." ~Therese A., Therapist, Coaching Client

Therese A., Therapist, Coaching Client

"My biggest takeaway in the "Unleash the Priestess” program was learning how to understand my triggers and shadows in a spiritual and compassionate way, so I can navigate them and control my behaviors that got in the way of my happiness, relationships, and purpose.
I can now handle situations that have been difficult in the past, in a different way that will be not painful or dramatic. I am now expressing my needs and emotions with grace and respect. I feel more calm, compassionate, in control, and excited for the inspiration to create new possibilities.
I'm proud of myself for investing and doing this work at this very special time in my life and within the collective. I'm empowered by my freedom, my skills and my belief in my Higher Self. I feel my divine feminine with power, sensuality and love.
Nicole you were a great guide and coach, especially in the live sessions, which helped me with breakthroughs and understanding behaviors in a compassionate, but powerful way, igniting the divine feminine within." ~Maria Tico, Coaching Client

Maria Tico, Coaching Client

"The biggest takeaway for me was greater clarity of my strength, my light and my power. You did a wonderful job of keeping me engaged.  I have let go of belief systems that were no longer serving me. I am definitely much more aware of energy leaking, money leaking, and negative self talk. You validated my fear, my sadness, my old belief systems, and helped me move away from them and reframe them into a positive. I need to continue redeveloping my discipline of self care and self love. The action items were powerful. The affirmations, mirror work, journaling and meditations all had a huge impact on me. I would say to women that this is a powerful awakening. An opportunity to really look deep inside and to gain sight of our higher Self." ~Risa A., Yoga Teacher, Coaching Client

Risa A., Yoga Teacher, Coaching Client

"I no longer have the fear that I had before. I needed to heal trauma from the past to move forward. I was being held captive to my guilt of past decisions.
I started prioritizing my health and family over work. My husband said to me just this past week—- so great to have my Laura back!!
I loved this program! I loved the weekly summary and prep for following week. This was super helpful in helping me curate content for longer term integration. I loved the meditation on future self, creating a pie chart of my time, THE MANTRAS!!!, and really really benefited from thinking through the work/life balance shifts in personal growth, career, relationships etc…
I am stronger in knowing I do deserve a peaceful life.
There were so many takeaways, but the BEST was reclaiming the power I had to make a change for self care and self-love!
I feel lighter and can’t wait to continue working on this so I can get to my goal of more liberation. :-)."
I recommend this as a healing, self-discovery journey to help you reclaim your power and let go of the baggage not serving you.”  Laura Long, VP Human Resources, Coaching Client

Laura Long, VP Human Resources, Coaching Client

"I realized that before this program I was so busy blaming others. This program helped me acknowledge and address some deep rooted trauma. Through this program, I let it go, the weight of the world has been lifted. My perspective changed and suddenly it’s quiet, peaceful- I have time to focus on creating and have a new found realization that anything & everything is possibly. If you can dream it, you can make it reality. Through “Unleash the Priestess” I had to take responsibility for myself, my actions, my reactions. I had to dig deep & realize that I am the only one that can make “me” happy. I had to learn to let go of emotions that no longer served me & step into a place of peace, balance, love. It has given me a clear perspective on how to deal with any issue that arises. Tools like NVC, acknowledgement of of what others might be feeling or going through. A whole new perspective. Nicole, you are amazing. You have given me a deeper understanding of spirituality. This is ending too soon, but I am going to continue on my spiritual journey and want to take more classes on shamanism & reiki. I loved the action items. I will absolutely use them in the future.” ~Wendy Sereika, Senior Sales Executive, Coaching Client

Wendy Sereika, Senior Sales Executive, Coaching Client

"I had many big takeaways from the “Unleash the Priestess Within” program. I realized that I have been playing out a story that I am a victim. I had been people pleasing and being a rescuer due to a deeply rooted old narrative of unworthiness. I became aware of my leaking energies and that my masculine and feminine energies were not balanced. My self-awareness and understanding has grown exponentially. I have learned that speaking my truth and creating boundaries is a necessity. I know now fully I am the architect to create the life I desire. This program was beautiful, thoughtful, and comprehensive. I plan to make this work a lifelong journey of ongoing growth. I loved the program and tools! I’m using my SMART goals, my vision board, and my meditations still. I highly recommend working with Nicole Doherty! Thank you!" - Melanie Venter-Roit

Melanie Venter-Roit, Coaching Client

"I was looking for something to help me really dig deep and release past trauma so I could lead a more peaceful life, moving forward. I have been to therapy before, but nothing seemed to really work for me. I've always walked away feeling like I needed tools, as well as the therapy sessions. In the past, I was never given tools and a plan to follow in conquering my emotions, now I feel like I have a game plan to follow each time I feel something I would like to release. I was finally able to get ahead of these emotions that have had a solid grip on me for my entire life. I'm proud of myself and how I made time for this. The homework and countless tools you gave each week after our meetings have proven invaluable to my healing and I've made really significant strides in releasing, healing and forgiving past traumas and pain. My meditation practice has really improved in length and concentration and being able to receive answers. I loved the journaling and the ones about stopping myself when feeling triggered. I mean I really loved all the action items and tools will continue to use them all! My online meetings with you Nicole were wonderful. I loved being with someone who is like-minded and a powerful and insightful teacher and healer. I would highly recommend this program!" ~ Jessica Miller Yoga, Coaching Client

Jessica Miller Yoga, Coaching Client

"The Unleash the Priestess Within program was amazing. Before we began I was feeling not good enough. I was tired of carrying the burden of others. I needed to let go of rescuing other people. I learned how to accept that I am not responsible for what others think and feel. I know that I can only be responsible for myself. With all the tools and one-on-one support I was given I realized that my emotional pain is temporary. My negative past experiences were only stories in my head that I needed to heal. I could then create new relationships to them and change my mindset. I learned how to breathe deeply. Go in with an open mind and this program will change your life!”  ~ S. J. Commercial RealEstate

S. Jones , Commercial Real Estate – Life Coaching Client

"I feel as though I have taken a leap into alignment with the true Amelia! I have found a deeper sense of self love and ways to get to know and nurture my own self needs and desires. It has been simple, but profoundly life changing. What was stopping me when I found this program was my own, self limiting beliefs. I had outdated, conditioned ways of thinking that no longer were serving me. My attachments to my childhood mishaps and traumas were limiting my ability to forgive and let go. Prior to this coaching program, I also had a hard time saying no, or feeling guilty when I did. My biggest takeaway is that my life is my choice and I get to chose the attitude, the outcomes, when I say yes and when I say no. I cannot wait to work through this again, maybe even take longer than a week with each action item (week) I absolutely LOVE the resources offered and hope to utilize many of them on a regular basis. I have noticed a tremendous difference in my ability to discern how I am feeling about a situation or commitment, and make the right choice that is in alignment with my needs. The experiences with Nicole of shadow work, inner child healing, forgiveness, appreciation, gratitude, self love, and many many more will be a beautiful benefit as I learn to hold space in a healthy manner for others in my life." ~Amelia Taylor, Registered Nurse.

Amelia Taylor, Life Coaching Client

"I thought I had tried everything in my healing journey. I didn't know what I didn't know until I met Nicole and Alan. First, Nicole was vulnerable and real. She told me her own story (and embodied it) and genuinely wanted to understand and save space for mine. It's just so rare to meet a real person who has done their own work and understands the process of healing from the ego pits of hell. Nicole is this type of person. Second, the work she did was authentic and original to her. She treated breathwork like a ceremony, weaving together a truly magical experience that transcended any type of medicine. Last, the work was highly integrative. It wasn't rushed or presented as a step by step program. She adapted by reading my energy and truly listened. Our talks just walking around in nature synchronistically helped pull back in parts of me I had lost as a child. If you want an experience that will truly changes the way you look at yourself and your healing journey, I highly recommend starting with her and Alan. It'll save you years and thousands and thousands of dollars." Jon

Jon Kors, Breathwork Client

"When we started this program I was feeling a lot of self doubt and lack of patience. I was holding myself back from pursuing new projects or ideas and heavily in self-judgment and sabotage. One of my biggest takeaways from your program is that where I was stagnant before, now I have gained direction and clarity as well as tools to carry forward on my continuing journey of healing and growth. I have a greater sense of trust in my abilities and my intuition. I am continuing to expand in more areas of self growth such as spiritual, emotional, physical, and material. This program gave you tools to look into my core and heal myself through energy and love and reflection. It is valuable because of the simple, yet powerful tools that you can use for the rest of your life. I really enjoyed the journaling because I have always enjoyed writing, and for a long time i just felt stuck and didn’t know where to start. With the self reflections it was like a dam broke and a lot of the time I couldn’t stop writing! I also enjoyed the recorded meditations and visualizations, as they really helped me process emotions and energy in a more creative way. I definitely will be using a lot of these tools again and again moving forward and using the outline of this work as some inspiration as I continue to grow my own practice. The way you present the work to your clients makes it very fun and easy to be enthusiastic about it. I appreciate the focus on accountability! I have loved connecting with you! Even though our process has felt long and intense at times, it feels like it went by in a flash! So much gratitude!” ~ Cierra P.

Cierra P. , Unleash the Priestess

This program is an opportunity to dig deep and release the old patterns that have been running loose inside me. I was feeling stuck in the life I was living and this program gave me clarity on why I wasn't able to move forward. I now have the tools to move into a life based on true passion, truth, feelings, and light. I think I was able to make A LOT of gains during this course, especially in some areas with my family. Some of my biggest takeaways were gaining insights into events that happened in the past that are still effecting me today, having the knowledge to understand the disconnect between my head and my body, and learning how to make decisions based on my heart and body, not my head! I have gained the awareness and the tools which will benefit me in the future when I am feeling uneasy. I am proud of myself for finding the clarity that I needed and diving deeper within myself during this time. This program gives you a chance to unlock how you want to live your life and find your truth!

Katrina S.

Some of my biggest takeaways - getting a new sense of awareness regarding patterns in my life that hold me back, and ways to combat them. A daily meditation practice. Confidence that I can be a successful coach. Self love practices. Clarity on where I am going and actionable steps for what I need to do. Nicole is incredible and working with her will change your life! She is an extremely gifted goddess that will help you heal your past, so you can show up in your present life, full of personal power. She will reconnect you with true self. Your Higher Self. It's hard work. She asks you to go deep, and be honest and dedicate a lot of time. But its all part of her master plan to help you grow and meet your goals. The entire way she will hold your hand and heart! ~Rasha Pensanti, Corporate Marketing Executive

Rasha P.

My biggest takeaway in this program with you is that I can make choices out of strength versus operating in fear. I realized through this program and the healing work that I was unable to name and acknowledge what wasn’t working in a few areas of my life.  I was not linking my current inactions with the fear and old belief systems that stemmed from my childhood. For me the healing work,  journaling, mantras and guided visualizations like the womb healing and chord cutting helped me to release stuck emotions, shift my awareness and move me beyond these realizations to take actions based on courage and awareness. I describe this as actionable therapy. This has been a very healing journey for me that will continue to create more changes in my life. Thank you! ~Margaret

Margaret H, Life Coaching Client

Clients received, spiritual connection, self expression, self love and unpacked loads of subconscious programs and trauma. Some said they got out of it more than years of therapy and that it changed their lives! “I loved being given the tools to experience my strong connection with spirit and reconnecting with the faith that all the knowledge I need about my life is within me.” “The non-judge mental space you created allowed me to express my deepest ‘secrets’ that I’ve not felt safe talking about before. This in itself was deeply healing.” “Each week I was able to focus on a part of me that needed healing or attention. I was happy to be so specific and make progress on my journey.” “I unlocked a core wounding experience— this had a domino effect on understanding all of my patterns. I released my victimhood from adolescent trauma.” “I got more in 10 weeks with you than 2 years in Therapy!” “It changed by life!”

Spring Group Coaching Course 2019

I was drawn to Nicole’s 12-week Unleash The Priestess program because I felt strongly that although things were very good in my life, they could be even better.   I had an incredible husband (who is also my spiritual partner and teacher without even trying to be), a "great job” (and I was able to take advantage of its unlimited vacation policy to my immense pleasure), and for the first time in my life, I was not worried about money.  But I knew I wasn’t living my highest-grade life and I felt that I had much, much more to offer the world.  I just yearned for much more “life” in my life. I knew that I couldn’t be my highest self without unblocking a few things in connection with my relationship with my parents and also with my then-current job, but I wasn’t sure where to begin to unravel these things.  I was stuck in a loop of (a) focusing on “gratitude” for all I had, including my job, even though so much about it felt awful to me, and (b) just avoiding certain triggers, e.g., anything related to my parents. Over the course of my 12 weeks with Nicole I unpacked a ton of stuff and began to really feel that my story was just a story.  Through journaling exercises (especially those related to the Inner Child / Victim story) and of course during our weekly calls, I also identified some major energy leaks which I didn’t realize were sucking my energy away from my presence, and thus keeping me from having the energy to be my highest self.   Besides this, I made huge practical steps in my life, which I never would have expected but am so excited about:  After over a decade of a very brittle relationship with my parents and little to no interaction with them, during the first few weeks of my work with Nicole, I established a nourishing and positive relationship with my dad, which I never would’ve imagined.  Our Inner Child / Victim work, and related mediations and the “cord cutting” meditation were really helpful here, as well as our weekly calls.  I also left my job and left LA, returning to NYC.  I would never have had the courage to walk away from this job without something else lined up, but through my work with Nicole — and hearing and seeing the way I spoke and journaled about the job — I realized that the job was draining my energy and taking so much space, so that there was no room for anything else to emerge.  I was only clinging to it out of fear (scared Inner Child). Same with life in LA — everything about it was an energy drain for me.  In one of the Future Self meditations / visioning, my setting was the lawn in Prospect Park, Bkln — from which I am now living steps away.  I am loving being back in NYC, where I can continue to practice “feeling” into actions and leaning towards joy. It’s so easy here to reconnect  with parks, nature, the energy of the city, everything that feels so good and joyful and authentic to me.  It is incredible to have flexible time, during weekdays, and I don’t feel guilty about that.  I know it’s temporary and that I deserve and need this time and space, which I haven’t had for so long. I don’t know exactly what’s next for me career-wise, but now I am full of more wonder than worry and more love than fear.  Though I can’t spend money as freely as I enjoyed doing over the past couple of years, I am truly joyful much of every day and I know that prosperity and abundance of all kinds are mine.  Lots of career opportunities have been coming up — and as an added bonus, with the new space I’ve made for myself, I’m even planning to lead a yoga and pilates retreat next year!   Yes, there is lots more work to be done, and the fear does come up from time to time, but it is quieter than ever, and now I have some tools to deal with it, and a stronger and bigger sense of faith and trust.  And I know that Nicole is always there, with kindness, patience, and love.   ~Joan P.

Joan P., Life Coaching Client

I am feeling great. I am feeling really independent and strong with who I am. The program with Nicole, you:), helped me to take the phrase “you can do anything you put your mind to” and shift it to not just words, but a deep seeded understanding that I can truly do anything I put my attitude to. The tools you equipped me with by being a reflection of my own power helped me to realize that I had that power all along. When I started the program I was insecure, codependent on a unhealthy relationship, and grieving the loss of my father. Now after having completed the program I feel truly free to use life, my mind, emotions, and body as tools to create the life of my dreams. Instead of being afraid of the dark parts of my past I can use them as tools to understand how I relate to life and not let them define me anymore. I feel deeply connected to my own light love and power that I am. I feel not alone but one with all. In that oneness I feel my dad's personality in that way, that with his passing or rather expanding into the great oneness, the more I connect to that the more I can feel his presence. Everything that I admired about him, his drive, one-pointedness, ability to find the fun in everything and his attitude that we get to be here. I feel that acting through me. I feel his love coming through me from the inside and therefor I feel a greater love for myself and all the parts of my personality that are like him. Thank you for this program and how it helped me to get off the sidelines of my life and become the author of my own story. Sarah vale

Sarah V., Life Coaching Client

"Before working with Nicole I struggled with recognizing and harnessing my personal power. I would often look toward external sources for validation, easily got caught up in the "how" and logistics of things, and did not fully understand how to effectively nurture and hold space for myself for the wounds I carried and belief systems that needed to be re-evaluated. During the program, I was encouraged to have an open and kind conversation with my ego without it feeling threatened when faced with fear or controlling tendencies. Rather than perpetuating old stories or burying my shadow even deeper, I was shown ways to tap into the courage, compassion, and patience needed to pose the right questions and challenge the underlying program so that I can take inspired action in healing myself and step into the potential I know I am capable of. The practices and assignments I was given helped awaken a side of me that inherently knows that I can trust myself as well as exercise how to intuitively feel into right action. My heart feels fuller and brighter knowing that I've let go of a lot of baggage and learned how to fine tune my own energetic blueprint so that I truly have the ability co-create my reality and magnetize what I desire. I feel much more ready to be seen and heard in addition to feeling very well equipped on how to fulfill, take care of, and love myself."

Jeanette, Life Coaching Client

Nicole has masterfully been helping me to reclaim my power, guide me back to my true vision for my life, provide me practices and inquiries to get grounded and aligned with my truth, unlock strength and insight that felt dormant, navigate with me a new sense of self that's true and given me permission to trust myself and my intuition. This past year has been the most tumultuous year of my life…Nicole has helped me to find my power and celebrate who I am versus running away or jumping out. Nicole your guidance and wisdom are incredible. ~Violet Lange, CEO Pleasure Path, Life Coach

Violet Lange, CEO of The Pleasure Path, Life Coaching Client

My initial intention for coaching was with the goal of diet/food. I realized through the program that there were emotional and mental barriers that were much deeper that were the core issues. I was hiding my power behind my pain and weight. I began a meditation practice and now I meditate 15 - 45 min a day. This is one of the most impactful parts of the coaching. Now, I am aware of my emotions and subconscious programming and how that affects my choices. I am more conscious about everything in my life. I know what I desire. I am visioning in all categories of my life and how they relate to my purpose. I feel more trusting and safe around people and with myself and my intuition. I can find compassion and forgiveness. I have a much deeper connection to Spirit and my guides. My experience with Nicole has greatly improved my life in many ways!

Brandy D, CFO, Life Coaching Client

I needed a guide, someone who was spiritual, but also successful and pragmatic in her approach to healing. I recognized all of my own potential and saw glimpses of who I could become, but felt as though I was somehow preventing myself from acting on this. I was depressed about feeling disconnected from the path. I was stuck. My intentions for the program were: I wanted to be happy with my work, accept myself as I am, and rid of my attachments to past experiences. I am more accepting of myself, which naturally has led to a greater feeling of connection with and acceptance of the world around me. This program was challenging, but I am left feeling proud of myself for taking a risk and investing in something that has essentially granted me freedom. I would recommend Nicole's program to anyone who is looking to take back her power and move beyond whatever self-imposed barriers are keeping her from following the path that was meant for her.

Misa, Landscape Designer, Life Coaching Client

"I've had the fortunate privilege of experiencing the power and guidance of Nicole's "Unleash the Shamanic Priestess Within" 12-week program. Through her expertise and many gifts, I was able to push myself to look more deeply inward to break old patterns that no longer served me. Through out the program, I was able to find clarity and insight on what I needed to change in order to be happier, and create healthier boundaries in both my relationships and professional life. Nicole is incredibly intuitive, kind and authentic with her approach and process. As a result of her work, I feel empowered with my daily rituals and tools that will help me to continue to my journey to my best self. I'm eternally grateful for her wisdom, compassion and direction. Thank you Nicole!" ~Caitlyn

Caitlyn M, Life Coaching Client

I want to write a special massive dose of gratitude to Nicole, not only is she one of my dear friends but what most of you may not know is that she's also been my coach over the last 6 weeks in her life coaching program. Nicole has been masterfully:

*helping me to reclaim my power *guiding me back to my true vision for my life *providing me practices and inquiries to get grounded and aligned with my truth *unlocking strength and insight that felt dormant *navigating with me a new sense of self that's both softer and more expanded and true *giving me permission to trust myself and my intuition This past year has been the most tumultuous year of my life ...getting married, moving, launching The Pleasure Path's signature offering Queens of Pleasure, letting go of most of my family in our current way of relating, leaving a program and tribe of 150 women when I felt the leader was out of integrity, doing deep healing work with my teachers, dissolving Executive Sutra, letting go of all yoga teaching and reiki healing clients, changing my name to Violet... I've never felt so much loss and I've never felt such a call to belong to myself, to get clear on what I want to create, and to be at choice. Nicole has helped me to find my power internally and connect to earth and celebrate who I am versus running away or jumping persevere and build faith. On an external level, with her loving support I've served 59 women into Queens of Pleasure and just launched a year-long program Queens Club which is almost half-way enrolled . I feel I am doing the work in the world I'm meant to do, work which inspires me and supports me--work I want to do for the rest of my life. No doubt I feel fear and trembling, which I'm finally honoring versus rushing ahead...and I also feel deep gratitude and awe at the teachers which show up for me. Even though it's been the most lonely year it's also been the most supportive in a paradoxical way. Nicole your guidance and wisdom are incredible and I'm so grateful for you !!!

V.L., Life Coaching Client

"When I found Nicole I was in a major life transition and what felt like crisis mode. I was unhappy with my job and didn’t really know what I wanted to do. I felt like I had tunnel vision and could not see beyond the current job that was unsatisfying. When we began our work I didn’t understand how things were going to shift, but as we went through the mentorship process things unfolded and it became very clear that there were many things in my life feeding this feeling of malaise. I started to get a holistic view of my life. The main result that I received from this training is the understanding that I am the creator of my reality. As I change my perspective my whole life changes around me. I am grateful that I had a mentor guide me through this phase in my life to support this change and help me to focus and discover what I want and desire in my life. I now have tools in place moving forward that I can use for a lifetime. I created goals for my future to keep accountable. I feel empowered, supported and ready for the next phase of my life!” ~E.M., Coaching Client

E.M., Life Coaching Client

You have truly changed life my Nicole, you are such an inspiration to me. You got me on my path of healing, self-love & self-discovery. You have truly changed my life. I am so grateful for you sharing your light and personal journey with the world. I can't imagine how many other people have been helped by simply the example you set. Thanks for being you - you shining, loving, divine goddess!!! Infinite blessings to YOU, Michelle

Michelle, Life Coaching Client

Courage. Empowerment.Transformation. Self-Love. Patience. Perspective. And self-actualization. These are the words I use to describe my experience with Nicole Doherty. I started working with Nicole as a life coach to leave a job in which I was unhappy and unfulfilled. Nicole helped me accomplish this goal, but I gained much more from working with her than a new career. Nicole enabled me to unearth the causes underlying my discontentment for my job, and she dared me to engage in a process of self-discovery which has forever changed the course and trajectory of my life. With her insight and encouragement, I unveiled and overcame fears and old patterns holding me back from reaching my potential; I identified my strengths and recognized how I can use use them to further my goals; and I explored my passions and learned how to prioritize and integrate them in my personal and professional life. Nicole helped me "dive deep," while giving me the practical tools necessary to implement real change. She provided tools and self-reflective practices which assisted me in revealing my true self; she created a schedule to keep me focused and accountable; she taught me how to set goals and apportion my time to meet them; and, through it all, she gave me permission to have fun and be creative in the process. In the end, Nicole became not only a life coach but a sounding board, mentor and friend. I transformed from unsure and scared to confident and courageous. In my lifelong process of "becoming," Nicole was, and remains, integral. She turned a quick search for a change in career into a meaningful journey of personal enlightenment. I'm forever grateful for her help. You can do it too!

Bradley Thomasma, Life Coaching Client

I began speaking with Nicole to gain guidance during a switch from a job that wasn't working me and into a new entrepreneurial career, but ended up gaining something even deeper than this. My career change had me feeling very lost and unsure where to begin, so we began by deciding on weekly tasks to accomplish, which truly worked! Nicole also advised me on how to structure my day to accomplish these goals and organize my time, which had me feeling more purposeful, more clear-headed, and more confident within the first two sessions. Plus, Nicole acted as a great mentor and friend to turn to for advice on tough conversations and decisions during this process. But while Nicole was wonderful in helping me through this transition, she helped me in an even more important way by setting me down a path towards towards becoming a happier, life-loving person. Our conversations brought forth the fact that in order to transition to a career and life that made me happier than my previous job, I needed to practice self-love, something that I realized I hadn't been doing. Nicole encouraged me to think deeply within myself in ways that I never had before to find the things that were causing this, which was my perfectionism and some self-esteem issues caused by past experiences. Nicole gave me wise strategies for dealing with these fears that I can use long-term and left me with an upllifted mindset that I know I will carry with me in the future. No matter the circumstances, every conversation with Nicole left me feeling positive and uplifted, and this feeling grew stronger and stronger as our sessions progressed. Thank you so much Nicole!!

Sarah D., Life Coaching Client

I came to Nicole at a time when I was spinning my wheels. I'd made some big changes in my life which unexpectedly brought on anxiety and confusion, rather than the predicted increase in day-to-day happiness. Working with Nicole, we teased out what truly fulfills me and brings me joy and peace. The weekly exercises are life-long tools that I will treasure. Nicole helped me to come up with an attainable plan to get me out of my current situation and doing what I love. All in all, I'm blown away by how much Nicole was able to help me.She taught me how to better serve myself and my dreams for the future. Nicole is gifted not only in her ability to heal and nurture, but to make things happen.

Michelle Case, Sales
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Courage. Empowerment.Transformation. Self-Love. Patience. Perspective. And self-actualization. These are the words I use to describe my experience with Nicole Doherty. I started working with Nicole as a life coach to leave a job in which I was unhappy and unfulfilled. Nicole helped me accomplish this goal, but I gained much more from working with her than a new career. Nicole enabled me to unearth the causes underlying my discontentment for my job, and she dared me to engage in a process of self-discovery which has forever changed the course and trajectory of my life. With her insight and encouragement, I unveiled and overcame fears and old patterns holding me back from reaching my potential; I identified my strengths and recognized how I can use use them to further my goals; and I explored my passions and learned how to prioritize and integrate them in my personal and professional life. Nicole helped me "dive deep," while giving me the practical tools necessary to implement real change. She provided tools and self-reflective practices which assisted me in revealing my true self; she created a schedule to keep me focused and accountable; she taught me how to set goals and apportion my time to meet them; and, through it all, she gave me permission to have fun and be creative in the process. In the end, Nicole became not only a life coach but a sounding board, mentor and friend. I transformed from unsure and scared to confident and courageous. In my lifelong process of "becoming," Nicole was, and remains, integral. She turned a quick search for a change in career into a meaningful journey of personal enlightenment. I'm forever grateful for her help. You can do it too!

Bradley Thomasma, Life Coaching Client

It's refreshing to meet some one that has found their true calling in life, I view Nicole not only as my Yoga instructor, but also as a powerful Healer. She is extremely knowledgeable in her area of expertise and in tune with her client's needs. Nicole treats each session as a rejuvenation and rebirth ceremony... her focus, attention to detail and guidance are unparalleled. I highly recommend her.

Julian Reyes, Private Yoga, HealingsExecutive Producer

Add "motivational speaker" to the already impressive array of hats that miss Doherty wears. I just attended her  Sunday class on "How to get rid of negative thoughts and patterns" and have instantly noticed a boost in my energy, outlook and general satisfaction with life. I only wish the sessions were longer and had more interaction between classmates.  Next up: Tools for Transformation. If I am a better yoga practitioner and person at the end of this year, Nicole will surely be a huge part of it.

Michi V., Empower to Evolve WorkshopSan Francisco, CA

Nicole is my Yoga Instructor. She comes to my home once a week and coaches my wife and I in our practice, and she is very good at it. I feel 10 times better after a session, and since I've been practicing, my body and soul have taken a 180 degree turn for the better. She's a fantastic instructor, and we love and respect  her  more than you can know.  I have never felt healthier than when we are consistent with our sessions! In addition to being an expert, she is very friendly and personable. I would recommend Nicole to anyone looking to start or continue a yoga practice.

Tim Dionne, Private Yoga Technical Staff at

I have been taking private yoga as well as group yoga from Nicole for a couple of years and she is a truly gifted teacher.  Her warm approach and extensive knowledge of anatomy make taking class with Nicole not only relaxing but beneficial for our tired, tight bodies.  Most recently I attended a workshop called Transform Now with Nicole.  The information she gave us was very helpful and pertinent to anyone's yoga practice.  The fun style in which the workshop was held makes it accessible for any level yoga student from the beginner to the seasoned yogi.

Roxanne G., Private YogaOakland, CA

I am a novice yoga guy. Classes make me nervous because I feel like I don't know what I am doing. This is why Nicole was a great fit for me. Nicole lead me through the session with ease and expertise. She made me feel like I was a pro and explained to me what was going on with my body, where I held tension, what areas needed to be strengthened and why. I felt safe and encouraged. When my session was over I felt calm, relaxed, and open. I am excited to work with Nicole again and highly recommend her!

Christopher T., Private Yoga San Francisco, CA

I've been taking private yoga lessons with Nicole for some time now, and she is terrific! She tailors her instruction to my practice level, to my body and specific needs. She has great listening skills and asks great questions about my goals and what I'm looking to get out of my practice. Her own practice is very advanced, so she's a good example of what I'm shooting for ultimately. I've taken a lot of classes, and hers are terrific! Her understanding of health, fitness, nutrition and spirituality are wonderful. I definitely recommend Nicole!

Nicole W., Private YogaSan Francisco, CA

I took some small, private yoga classes with Nicole and I have to say that I wish I didn't move away from LA so I could take them a few times a week!  She is knowledgeable, attentive, rigorous and relaxing all at the same time.  She pushed me enough so I felt like I had a workout, yet my mind felt clear and calm when I was finished.  She includes just the right amount of spiritual and meditative insight--enough that it is beneficial, but not so much that you lose track of her know when that happens?  Anyway, like I said, if I could I would attend Nicole's classes all of the time.  And if I ever go visit LA again (which I most certainly) I will definitely try to catch one.  Her classes just make me feel better, both physically and mentally.

Lisa E., Empower to Evolve WorkshopSan Francisco, CA

Nicole showed me how to love yoga. She is patient and understanding. She is calm as well as calming. Her integrity is unmatched and she is as sweet as they come. And on top of all this, she really knows her stuff.

Jim Vetter, Private YogaWedding Photographer

Nicole has always been very multi-faceted in her business endeavors. She is very detail-oriented, thorough, and in touch with current trends in business and promotion. She is highly experienced in her field and always brings something new and welcomed to the table. Always a pleasure to work with her!

Brittany Tilleman, Private YogaBrand & Artist Development at YBR Promotions

As a Dance Instructor myself for over 13 years, I am highly  aware of both good and bad instruction. I am happy to share that Nicole is an incredibly intuitive and excellent instructor! I have taken both group and private instruction from her and I am always blown away by her ability to share her vast knowledge, help you understand the posture and guide and support you throughout the whole class. A skill many instructors do not have. Her sweet soul and sense of humor is a gift she shares with everyone in the room making each lesson a joy and a pleasure.  Her light shines bright and she is willing to do whatever it takes for you to have some of that light too my sharing all that she knows. Thank you Nicole for showing me so much and taking me on this great Yoga journey. I am forever grateful.

Val Cunningham, Empower to Evolve Workshop, Private Yoga Dance Instructor

I have been practicing Yoga on and off for the past 10 years at various studios around the United States. Although I have always felt a connection to and respect for the practice I often felt as though something were missing. When I began practicing with Nicole I immediately noticed her attention to alignment and the students’ individual needs. Each class began and flowed throughout with a sort of rhythm that provided compassion, non-judgment, and space to find strength and peace. This is the kind of environment I had been craving to practice in and I am so very grateful to Nicole for filling in that missing puzzle piece. Her radiant energy brings a fun-loving vibe to every class, accompanied with great wisdom for all that Yoga is. It has been a true inspiration. Nicole’s guidance has made my practice more well rounded in the foundations of what Yoga can do for the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies. This has allowed me to open and listen to the vision for my own self, as I have decided to enroll in a 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training program. Everyone deserves to practice with someone like Nicole! Much love to you!  Namaste...

Erin Grace Gonzalez, Teacher TrainingTeacher

Thank you again for that amazing workshop! I had been craving an arm balance workshop and it came at the perfect time. You did a wonderful job of walking us through the poses and your knowledge of each poses was really evident. You're an awesome teacher! The Grow Your Wings workshop was INCREDIBLY useful and I'm finding that focusing on my core and bandhas in arm balances really makes a huge difference. Also, I'm really happy we did Flying Pigeon. That poses strikes fear in me and it was immensely beneficial to spend a lot of time just going for it. I definitely conquered the fear that day and pose is becoming more and more approachable for me. Also, I was able to hold a handstand in the middle of the room...that was a huge step since I had never held a handstand without the wall before then. It's such an awesome feeling advancing in my yoga practice! Thanks again, Nicole! I'm looking forward to taking a class or workshop with you again!

Megan P., Goda Yoga Student

A big thank you to Nicole Doherty for a transformative Reiki Healing experience and Lightning in a Bottle for providing me the opportunity to meet and connect with such a loving and talented healer. I highly recommend Nicole if anyone is interested in alternative healing practices!

Heather H., Festival Workshop Attendee & Client

Nicole, The Ojai Yoga Retreat was such an amazing weekend! I have been describing the weekend to friends in one word, POWERFUL. I went in expecting a beautiful location, relaxation and yoga. I was not expecting to come home illuminated! Thank you ALL for your presence! Oh and I want to add that I had an emotional breakthrough last night when I got home! I was laughing while tears were coming down my face and I told my boyfriend "This was supposed to happen during the retreat!" lol Much love to all you beauties! XO

Ulrike L., Ojai Spring Retreat 2014

I just wanted to thank you personally for the incredible retreat.  I feel so blessed that I found your retreat and was able to come.  You are an incredible teacher as well as an amazing person.  Thanks so much for enhancing my life with your workshop. xxoo

So much to say, I don't even know where to begin. You are blessed with a talent for teaching and a gift of some amazing energy I can't begin to put into words. I noticed tonight that I had a little bit of white sticker left on my mat from my name-tag, and I decided to leave it on there so I'm reminded of the weekend every time I'm on my mat. Nicole, THANK YOU. You have touched my soul in an incredible way.

Sara K., Ojai Spring Retreat 2014

Nicole is a multi-talented healer.  As a frequent student at her yoga classes, I became impressed with Nicole's knowledge and positive energy, so I decided to try a Reiki healing session.  From the very first moment of the session, I felt uplifted, as if the air around me became galvanized.  Nicole personalized the treatment based on my bio-feedback.  During the sound-healing portion, I literally felt the world dissolve away.  I experienced powerful emotion at times and I left feeling grateful.  Thanks Nicole!

David D., Reiki Healing SessionReiki Client

Hi. Nicole. I just want to thank you for the wonderful weekend!  It was an amazing experience and I am so grateful that I was apart of it!  You have inspired me in many ways!  You are an amazing person and teacher and I hope to do more workshops with you in the future!

Bettina., Empower to Evolve Workshops

Hi Nicole! I wanted to say thank you and much Gratitude to you and your beautiful workshop!!! I was drawn to you by my fav yogi dani and she assured me it would be amazing!:) I too had a sad and devastating break up 7 months ago, so when you shared your story I knew I was in that right place!!! Thank you for your wisdom and strength , and I will always remember your words I choose me! Thank you and hope to connect soon! I could use some life counseling! Much respect and love...

Wendy, Empower to Evolve Workshop

WOW. I really don't know where to begin. I'm sitting here eating my bland, boring, non Chef Robin made dinner and just reflecting on the weekend. This entire weekend was just incredible and I am so grateful that I was a part of it. You are so AMAZING and I can't thank you enough for putting on a magical retreat that allowed me to reconnect with myself and also connect with other spiritual, curious, and open people. I really hope to see you soon at Hot 8 and am definitely going to check out some classes at Yoga Works, thank you for that pass! I look forward to the another retreat with you : ) Thank you again Nicole! xoxoxo

Allie K., Ojai Retreat Fall 2014

Ahhhh...  I am just reading this and drawing in a deep breath.  Thank you so much once again for the beautiful support and love during the retreat and after. Life has so many gifts!   I am moving forward and finding my glass half FULL and full of HOPE. With Gratitude and love. Ojai Retreat Fall 2014

Cindy., Retreat Participant

It was so amazing and empowering...and I feel so blessed that it was my first yoga retreat experience led by Nicole Doherty, I don't have the words to even describe how i feel but just blessed!!

Sheryl T., Goda Yoga Student, Ojai Fall Retreat 2014

I seldom use the word "sublime".... But tonight I experienced such beauty and grace that no other word could compare. I took another yoga class with the talented Nicole Doherty. During shivasana she started to sing, with her friend who played the guitar. I felt so much love and grace listening to their angelic voices. It was as if these waves of grace and beauty were washing over me, opening my heart wider and wider. Wow. It's really indescribable. I'm so grateful for the experience.

Noushin B., Student Goda Yoga

Nicole Doherty's Yoga and Empowerment Retreat in Costa Rica was simply amazing! Our hosts in the jungle at Buenaventura and at the beach at Encantada were so friendly and hospitable, and between the two locales, we attuned to many powerful vibrations of Mother Earth: rivers, rain forests, sustainable organic farming, waterfalls, primordial clay, rocks, trees, tropical birds, waves, sunsets, the beach, and the great Pacific Ocean. Such incredible settings for personal transformation! But the shining star of the experience was Nicole herself.  Whether on a retreat or in a class, a yoga teacher holds incredible sway on the energetic direction of the experience.  Nicole's energy is nurturing, encouraging, supportive, and fun.  She is authentic and genuine about her spiritual path, but she's also down to Earth.  Without missing a beat, she can switch from talking about channeling the Divine to growing up in suburban New Jersey or hitting the town in San Francisco. With a steady, gentle hand, an open, non-judgmental heart, and her bright, easy smile, she held space for each of us and coaxed us to open our wings and take flight physically, spiritually, and creatively.  Not only are her yoga series intelligent and well-sequenced, but she deftly interweaves teachings from diverse modalities such as life coaching, shamanism, chakras, reiki, astrology, kirtan, and meditation, resulting in a truly life-changing yoga and empowerment experience. And while doing this work on ourselves, we had a lot of fun, too!  We hiked to multiple waterfalls, swam in a rushing river, did a full-body blue clay treatment, took surfing and salsa dance lessons, went bird watching, skinny-dipped in the ocean, had poetry readings, a comedy performance, and even took a sunrise bike ride on the playa, all the while eating delicious, lovingly-prepared organic meals. We all left Costa Rica with our eyes, hearts, and souls wide open, and each and every one of us will live a better, more mindful life because we went on this retreat.  Most highly recommended! Pura Vida!

Ben W., Retreat Participant
Michelle Case, Sales

I came to Nicole at a time when I was spinning my wheels. I'd made some big changes in my life which unexpectedly brought on anxiety and confusion, rather than the predicted increase in day-to-day happiness. Working with Nicole, we teased out what truly fulfills me and brings me joy and peace. The weekly exercises are life-long tools that I will treasure. Nicole helped me to come up with an attainable plan to get me out of my current situation and doing what I love. All in all, I'm blown away by how much Nicole was able to help me.She taught me how to better serve myself and my dreams for the future. Nicole is gifted not only in her ability to heal and nurture, but to make things happen.

Michelle Case, Sales

I hope everyone is well and acclimated to the life in the big city. I also miss our walks and talks and the lovely structure of our days! The transition is always challenging for me, but I am finding that this time it's easier - I am happier, centered, rested, and full of gratitude for all the amazing gifts I received. Life is throwing challenges my way as usual, but I find I am better equipped to handle them this time around. And, I am grateful for my challenges! It's fantastic to re-establish my faith in the power of the universe - the retreat was the best medicine for my cynicism and doubt! And, my mind is absolutely blown by all the synchronicity. I am a believer! Thank you all for your presence, support, listening, sharing, friendship, adventurous spirit, and all the laughs and silliness! And most of all, THANK YOU NICOLE!  You were a teacher, a catalyst of change, a healer, a joy to be around, and a HUGE inspiration! I am humbled, awed, inspired, and eternally grateful! Till we meet again soon! Pura Vida!

Natalia S., Retreat Participant

I miss you all so much, waking up and seeing your smiling faces, the meals we shared, coffee talks, yoga, meditation, and frolicking in the ocean.  It's been lovely sharing new experiences and seeing things with you all for the first time.  I feel so blessed and cannot think of a better group to have spent this retreat with.  I left it up to the Universe and it answered! To be in the presence of "like" beings who share the same desire to better ourselves on our path to living happy, full lives, is very meaningful to me.  I love our little family and how supportive we were of each other, shared intimacy, and deep work going out of our comfort zones. Truly beautiful to witness our individual transformations and healing processes.  Stefano swallowing the sun!  WE are love!  Thanks for all the laughter, truly the best medicine of all.  I still chuckle when I think about our late night skinny dipping, Kim Jung Il comedy show, sports illustrated swimsuit shoot, Kris, sunrise Burning Man ride (what are we gonna wear? headlamps only).  I look forward to Stefano's poem about this whole experience!  I will think of all of you next time I run around on the beach naked.  I wish you all the best as you travel along your paths, the Mystic, the Poet, the Birdman, the Waterfall Muse and the Healer. Most of all, thank you Nicole for making all of this possible and for sharing your divine beauty, strength and wisdom!  You truly have many gifts!  I admire your strong leadership, and inspiration in trusting the Universe and manifesting your source power.  Thank you for your teaching, guidance and love.   You are so special, bright shining star, and you will be a great mom!  I feel honored to have shared this time in your life with you, and look forward to hearing more.  Best wishes, and let me know how the "decluttering" is going :) ~Know thyself ~Accept thyself ~Love thyself ~Live thyself

Angela R., Retreat Participant

Several months ago, I spent 8 days in Costa Rica with Nicole where she led a yoga retreat that integrated daily yoga practices, empowerment workshops, farm to table nutrition, and Reiki healing sessions. This was my first experience doing a yoga retreat and Nicole came recommended to me through a friend. My intentions were to go as deep as I could in understanding my most important values and to bring those to surface, and also to establish a better health foundation. My body was tight, I was experiencing pain and limited motion in my shoulder, and my weight was about 30lbs over what it should be. I was emotionally fatigued and mildly depressed. My inner self was out of alignment and the symptoms were manifesting through my outer self. After meeting in a small village at the edge of the sea, we drove by all-terrain vehicle into the jungle, deep into the sacred Savegre River Valley. We arrived at our lodging at night, under a canopy of infinite stars and we listened to the clear river as it moved through the valley. Each morning that we awakened, we practiced yoga and spent time attuning to our own sense of individual purpose, forming affirmations that were resonant with our unique values and aspirations. Nicole helped me isolate an imbalanced relationship that I had developed with my solar plexus, in particular that part of self associated with personal choice and the courage to take risks. We worked together on fortifying this relationship throughout the trip which resulted in me taking action to make significant professional changes in my career (I work in the field of executive management and I set in motion a series of steps that led me to a better position more aligned with my values). During our stay in the jungle, we were nourished daily from the foods harvested directly from the land. Every meal was bright with healthy food and lots of color, often including exotic fruits and vegetables specific to the region. In the jungle, we hiked into the mountains to bath under lush waterfalls; we discovered bright blue and gold clays from the earth, like pigments from a painter’s palette; we roasted cacao and made chocolate infused with sugar cane juice that we freshly pressed; we stretched, meditated, reflected, and opened ourselves up to a more transcendent awareness. This process of self-discovery was enabled with absolute grace, kindness, love, and compassion by Nicole. Her presence is a gift. After several days in the jungle, we moved to the coast, where we did yoga on the beach under the majestic colors of the sky. Nicole also performed a Reiki treatment with me. During the Reiki session, I found myself experiencing boundless visions and remarkable personal insights. My sense was that Nicole had invoked a lineage of healers that traced back to ancient times and into the future. She opened up a vastness that was beyond linear ideology and it unlocked a profound shift in me that I understood would last a lifetime. When I emerged out of the Reiki session I felt a new lightness of being, a quality of inner joy. I took a dip in the magically sparkling waters of the sea, and I understood that a new beautiful self had been born. I intentionally waited for a few months to write some words about my experience because I wanted to give the experience time to breath, and to evaluate the longer term impacts of the work I did with Nicole. Since my return, I have sustained excellent health, lost over 30lbs, improved my overall flexibility and vigor, eliminated shoulder pains that were present, and been in a state of constant happiness and gratitude. I have taken courageous, choice-driven steps with my professional life, and I am in tune with my inner values. It has been an inspired transformation resulting in sustainable change. Nicole has a rare quality that fuses her multi-disciplinary knowledge about yoga and the many modalities of healing with her ever-smiling, love-overflowing, generously kind, and radiantly joyous presence. I am grateful.   ~Stefano, Executive, Client on the Empower to Evolve Yoga Retreat in Costa Rica

Stefano R., Retreat Participant