Reiki I,II, Advanced & Master Level

Take Your Love of Reiki to the Next Level.


Reiki I

What you will learn in Reiki 1 training:
    • What is Reiki, its history and lineage
    • Subtle Energy – Chakras, Energy Lines, Auric Field
    • Using Reiki Throughout the Day
    • Hand Positions for Self Treatment, Prayers
    • Hands on experience
    • Reiki 1 Attunement + Official Certificate

Reiki II

What you will learn in Reiki 2 Training:
    • Communicating with your Reiki Guides
    • Symbols 1- 3
    • Working with Clients
    • Hands-on Experience
    • Reiki 2 Attunement + Official Certificate

Advanced Reiki

What you will learn in Advanced Reiki Training:
    • The Usui Master symbol, and how to use it to give Reiki treatments.
    • Instructions for doing a Reiki meditation that strengthens the mind, expands consciousness and increases the strength of one's Reiki energy. This meditation can also be used to solve problems and achieve goals.
    • How to use crystals and stones to send distant Reiki continuously and automatically.
    • How to create a Reiki grid that can continuously send healing to many people, events and goals.
    • Reiki Aura Clearing which has also been called Reiki Psychic Surgery is described that allows you to quickly remove negative psychic energy from yourself and others and send it up to be healed.
    • A Reiki Moving Meditation is explained that helps one become more grounded, centered and energized.

Master Level Reiki

What you will learn in the Master Level Training:
    • Review of Reiki II and Advanced symbols and techniques
    • Yoga/Meditation practices to enrich your attunement process and personal health
    • Preparations for Attuning others
    • How to attune/ teach others
    • Teaching guidelines


I am feeling so amazing!!! So much lighter I feel like I can fly!!  I even had a much easier time waking up this morning. I think the weight lifted from me is really helping in every aspect.  I can't even believe I had no idea how long I had been carrying so much that was heavier than I even realized, only now, feeling how much lighter. I'm excited to continue to feel the effects and am trying to use this good energy to continue to energize my life in a positive way. :)

K. H., Shamanic Reiki

Nicole is a multi-talented healer.  As a frequent student at her yoga classes, I became impressed with Nicole's knowledge and positive energy, so I decided to try a Reiki healing session.  From the very first moment of the session, I felt uplifted, as if the air around me became galvanized.  Nicole personalized the treatment based on my bio-feedback.  During the sound-healing portion, I literally felt the world dissolve away.  I experienced powerful emotion at times and I left feeling grateful.  Thanks Nicole!

David D., Reiki Healing SessionReiki Client

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