BADA-BOOM! Celebrate Your Infinite Grace

In the words of Michael Beckwith, the enlightened master of Agape International Spiritual Center, “Bada-Boom!” rings through my ear drums as I type today.

I love this acronym that he describes as:

BADAbelief + attitude defines your altitude!
BOOM = blessed observer observes magnificence!

It’s time in that celebratory tone of “Bada-Boom!” to revel in our Infinite Grace. 😉

We are complete, whole Divine Sparks of God. So what keeps us small, dis-empowered, and out of our Vortex of alignment?  It’s our BELIEF SYSTEM and ATTITUDE.

Where were these forged?

Unfortunately for many of us, belief and attitude has been fed to us through the powers that surround us – the media moguls, government, big pharma, and insurance companies.  The current “World Dominators” that repeatedly send messages of sickness, fear, doubt and worry so they can control our minds and create powerlessness.

We have gone into a deep sleep. Wake up!

We need to awaken to the understanding and belief that we are God, Light, Love and Infinite Grace and Celebrate Who We Really Are!  We are blessed with Consciousness and the ability to be an Observer.  With a healthy belief system, attitude and PRACTICE, we can observe the Magnificence of ALL THAT IS.   We need to Define our ALTITUDE and ascend.  We need to observe, understand and KNOW that we have the power within us, always.  It’s our choice and responsibility to access the Universal Mind of Pure Awareness through meditation and practices that quiet these external stories/forces that we are habitually downloading.

What can we do? 

Stop. Slow down. Be in communion with people who are awakened. Listen to their radio shows and telecasts. Go to spiritual centers.  Practice yoga. Meditate. Get healing. Turn off the TV. Stop the video games. Use herbs and natural plant remedies. Sing to God. Ask for guidance and pray. Read affirmative books. Drink clean water. Get off the sugar, caffeine, salt and processed foods. Shop at farmer’s markets. Commune with the land. Learn how to care for her. Reduce your impact on the planet. Be kind to yourself first, then others. Come back to your center. Find your passions. Get a coach or mentor. Ask for help. What is your Soul here to express? What Divine gifts & talents do you posses that can service humanity and the world?  Think big because You are.  Each of us is a unique emanation of God.

Let’s do this thing…together!


✨ Gracefully put yourself first

✨ Practice radical self love

✨ Free your authentic voice

✨ Create inspired actions 

✨ Clarify your vision

If you are ready to create breakthroughs and reclaim your
passions, power and purpose then I invite you to schedule a free 15 min chat to begin your journey.

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