Integration Breathwork Facilitator Certification Program

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Empowering Healing Arts Professionals: Create Deeper Transformation, Sustainable Client Results and More Impact!

Join our 4-day LIVE Immersion In-Person Training & Healing Arts Mentorship!

There’s a Deeper Level of Client Transformation Possible.

–As a healer, coach, yoga teacher or therapist, you are enriching your clients’ lives. Yet, you sense a deeper level of transformation that you’d like to offer your clients. You are seeking a tool for more rapid, profound, and lasting impact.

–You have heard that you can unlock altered states of consciousness through breath, enabling profound insights to address root causes of blockages in the subconscious mind for significant, lasting change, moving beyond symptom management.

–You may lack integration tools that bridge your clients’ immediate experiences with long-term healing, leaving you searching for a program that offers genuine coaching, business skills and mentorship leading to sustainable results amplifying your impact and income.

What you desire is not just another technique, but a comprehensive mentorship that deepens your practice, connects you with a like-minded community, and is led by a seasoned mentor who understands the intricacies of transformational work.

Your path to becoming a transformational leader in your field involves integrating ancient wisdom with modern strategies, ensuring your clients achieve sustainable healing and growth.

–Imagine a healing practice where you have the CONFIDENCE and SKILLS that every session you conduct leaves a lasting impact on your clients.

–Imagine your calendar booked with clients who seek the DEPTH and TRANSFORMATION you offer, because you have breathwork and INTEGRATIVE COACHING skills.

–Imagine creating RAPID, SUSTAINABLE transformations, elevating your clients’ lives and, in turn, BOOSTING your REFERRALS and INCOME.

Imagine achieving all this confidence and growth:

–Without sacrificing your personal integrity or resorting to passive online learning  courses that offer no real interaction, feedback, or mentorship

–Without fear that you don’t know how to integrate the emotional catharsis or trauma that’s arising or  how to create ongoing shifts for your clients.

–Without feeling isolated or overwhelmed by the the challenges of building and sustaining a practice in the competitive healing arts industry.

Be a part of a community of healing arts professionals, where support and shared success are everyday realities.

Why is Integration Breathwork Training Unique?

Integration Breathwork is about transcending traditional training, offering a blend of mentorship, live experiential learning, and a supportive community that fosters growth and transformation with a coach committed to your success!

MORE DETAILS HERE: integration-breathwork-facilitator-certification

3 Keys to Elevate Your Relationship IG Post

3 Keys to Elevate Your Relationship – Speak Your Truth Fearlessly!

I want to support you in being a confident, authentic woman who relishes in deep connection and feels empowered in her relationship.

As women, we often find ourselves grappling with the challenge of expressing our deepest desires in our relationships. It’s a common struggle rooted in the fear of hurting someone’s feelings, the scars left by past toxic relationships, or a pervasive sense of unworthiness.

Exciting news! “3 Keys to Elevate Your Relationship” workshop is FREE and its just around the corner, this will help you transform all this!

I’ll be sharing the exact techniques that have helped countless women like you create deeper, more meaningful relationships.

Here’s why you won’t want to miss this:
Healthy boundaries and fearless communication are essential for your overall well-being and happiness!

By attending, you’ll gain valuable insights and tools & interactive exercises to transform your relationships from the inside out.

Imagine creating loving, authentic connections that truly light up your life and empower your journey.

–Unlock the #1 secret to speaking your truth fearlessly.
–Discover the art of setting and maintaining healthy boundaries.
–Learn how to embrace fear and doubt, transforming them into steps towards genuine intimacy and connection.

Attend via ZOOM for the workshop and an opportunity for Q&A.

Relationships are a cornerstone of a fulfilled, empowered life, and this workshop is your key to making it happen.

Let’s create something magical together!


REGISTER HERE: https://www.nicoleanandacoaching.com/3-Keys-to-Elevate-Your-Relationship

Breathwork for Empowered Relationships - 1

Breathwork For Empowered Relationships Workshop February 4th, 2024

Breathwork for Empowered Relationships
Non-Heated Workshop Feb 4th;  3:30 – 5:30pm
Ashland Hot Yoga, Ashland, OR

Imagine a world where your relationships are filled with authentic love, healthy boundaries, and heartfelt connections so you can effortlessly express your feelings and desires, knowing you’re heard and valued.

Join us for ‘Breathwork For Empowered Relationships: Authenticity & Healthy Boundaries’ on Sunday, February 4, from 3:30-5:30pm

You will:
–Explore authentic relationship coaching skills, so you can effortlessly express your feelings and desires, knowing you’re heard and valued.

–Learn practical tools for maintaining healthy boundaries and fostering loving connections, allowing you to navigate challenging conversations with confidence and create deeper bonds.

–Experience a transformative breathwork and sound healing ceremony, so you can feel the weight of emotional blockages lifting, free of doubt and insecurities, ready to strengthen connections with loved ones.

–Enjoy opportunities for integration and self-reflection, aligning your heart and mind with newfound self-love, and be ready to create more fulfilling and empowered relationships in your life.

Connect with like-minded individuals on a journey to empower their relationships and authenticity. Witness your true self emerge, free from doubts and insecurities, strengthening connections with loved ones. Walk away with a renewed sense of self and increased self-love, ready to create more fulfilling and empowered relationships in your life!

Please bring a water bottle, yoga mat, eye pillow (optional), blanket (optional), pillow. We have bolsters for under the knees!


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The Empowered Women's Mini Retreat - Breathwork Reset for Manifestation (3)

The Empowered Woman Mini Retreat – Breathwork Reset for Manifestation

breathwork ashland oregon

The Empowered Women’s Mini Retreat – Breathwork Reset for Manifestation
January 20th, 5-9PM at Lithia Loft, Downtown Ashland, OR

Ditch the Jan resolutions, ignite your daily revolution! Craft a reality where your heart leads, your purpose fuels your every step, and your joy blazes so bright in your authentic power!

This event is for purpose-driven, heart-led women ready to create greater impact in their lives of others. Let’s face it! Every January we set aspirational goals to establish healthy habits, unearth our potential, and prioritize self-care. Yet by February, those resolutions fade as we slip back into our familiar patterns & daily routines that lead to burnout or emotional drain.
What if we could create sustainable practices month after month for long lasting results?
This year, make lasting transformation! Join us for an evening of visioning, connection, and inspired action. Experience somatic breathwork and dance; transformational coaching; and manifestation practices to uncover your inner power and truly embody it so you can create the life you imagine!
What you’ll experience:
•Establish clear visions for 2024 and learn how to become a vibrational match to them
•Heart Opening Cacao Activation by Antonia Songbird
•Learn a 5 Step Power Process root out limiting beliefs for emotional well-being and mental clarity
•Tap into your body’s wisdom and intuitive guidance with a Tantric Womb Dance with guest faciliator Rene Jeffus
Transformational Breathwork for clearing, increased energy, vitality, and strength (1 hour lying down)
Integration and receive a life roadmap to be accountable to your authentic self
Manifestation tools that will expand your business and entrepreneurial endeavors
Leave with:
•A bold vision to step into your higher potential with confidence and resilience
•Renewed energy, vitality and joy
•Guilt-free self-care rituals for grounding, balance and enthusiasm
•Feeling more proactive to take actions in the face of uncertainty
•A community of support and accountability
No more excuses like time, kids or money! Let’s make 2023 the year you prioritize YOU and step into your most empowered self! Join us for this transformative women’s mini-retreat.
Date: January 20th
Time: 5 – 9PM
Location: Lithia Loft 144 Lithia Way, Ashland, OR 97520
Investment: $88 – Buy ticket in advance
Reserve your spot today for this gift of sisterhood, self-care, and personal growth.

Your Host: Nicole Ananda has been serving the health +wellness industry for 20 years as a Women’s Empowerment Coach, Reiki Master Trainer, Transformational Breathwork Facilitator & Trainer, E-RYT 500 Yoga Teacher Trainer & Co-Author of “Manifest Life a Goddess”. https://www.nicoleanandacoaching.com

What to Bring::  Journal, Pen, Yoga Mat, Water Bottle, Blanket, Eye Cover (optional). Please eat dinner before you come. For questions reach out to Nicole: nicoledohertyyoga@gmail.com or text her at 415-378-8547

If you prefer Venmo: Nicole-Doherty-66197

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