From Unworthiness to Empowerment!

By Nicole Ananda

In a recent coaching session with a client, we delved deep into her struggles with unworthiness and her fear of loss. She opened up about how past experiences, including the painful loss of loved ones, had left her feeling undeserving of the positive aspects of her life. She admitted to sabotaging good things out of fear. But the beauty of her journey lies in her willingness to confront these issues head-on.

Healing Begins with Awareness

One of the first steps towards healing is self-awareness, and my client has embraced this with courage and determination. She recognized her patterns of self-sabotage and acknowledged how they were holding her back from fully embracing the blessings in her life. This self-awareness is the foundation upon which transformation is built.

Embracing Fear and Transformation

During our coaching sessions, we explored the role of fear in the human experience. Instead of trying to combat fear, we discussed the importance of managing it and understanding that it’s a natural part of life that we need to embrace AND not let it take the driver’s seat. My client is learning to work with her fear, not against it. This is a crucial step towards personal growth and transformation.

Self-Love and Self-Protection

We also delved into the themes of abandonment and loss in life and how this shows up in her relationships. She shared her fear of losing herself in relationships, a common concern for many of us. We discussed the importance of self-love and self-protectionrecognizing that it’s okay to have personal needs and desires within relationships. Like a basketball game, where different versions of ourselves are players, fear can be benched by focusing on our positive aspects.

The Journey of Personal Growth

Her journey of personal growth and self-discovery is truly inspiring. She’s learned to embrace new aspects of herself and has developed a beautiful relationship with herself through solo adventures. I encouraged her to be less outcome-driven and to focus on the journey itself, a reminder we all need from time to time.

Applying Professional Skills to Relationships

One fascinating aspect of our conversation was the application of professional skills to personal relationships. She shared how she had handled unexpected issues at work and set boundaries, drawing parallels to personal relationships. This highlights an essential truth – the skills we cultivate professionally can benefit our personal lives too.

Her journey is far from over, but her willingness to confront her fears, embrace self-love, and embark on a path of self-discovery is truly inspirational. Her transformation is proof that healing is possible, and that we all have the power to rewrite our stories.

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