There Is No Other Choice Than To Be Authentically Me!

THIS MAY BE REALLY MESSY ALL … A DECLARATION IN MY JOURNAL ON THIS FULL MOON TODAY! Dear Universe, this may feel strange, uncomfortable, radical and could come out as downright weird, but there is NO OTHER CHOICE than to BE AUTHENTICALLY ME. Please have compassion!

I am not sure what I am about to UNLEASH but A WILD Divine Feminine Woman inside of me is READY to be birthed and take flight.❤️ I’m ready to IGNITE some fire & passion. Ready to stake CLAIM to: “I don’t give a F*CK” what people think of me.” I am BELIEVING IN ME even if its not well received.

To be honest, this SCARES me. And EXCITES me even more!!!
I want to LIVE BOLDLY not play smaller than I know I have inside of me. I know this woman who roars loudly in medicine ceremonies, dances, stops her feet, and has kundalini energy coursing through her veins and wields the Kali sword of truth for healing, transformations and awakenings.

My sacred commitment is to SAY WHAT I WANT and CHANNEL WHAT is COMING THROUGH ME without PERMISSION from others about whether its OK, cool, Woo Woo, or whatever. Without the programmed filters that keep me in the immature or wounded feminine – silence, suppression, victimization, excuses, or people pleasing.

HONESTLY, I’m DONE editing myself, being too careful, thinking about whether something I will be RECEIVED or HEARD. Wondering if what I have to say is smart enough, or poetic enough. Any time I think I “should not” or “cannot” say something, or become a chameleon to fit in for others, or not get bullied online, or decide if I want to belong or not, I will LEAN INTO MY FEAR vs succumb to these voices any longer!

I will CHALLENGE my immaturity with CURIOSITY!

It’s time to be unapologetically me and to FULLY EMBODY my Divine Feminine Power!!!

Whatever I say will help either myself or the other learn regardless because we are all sacred mirrors of Creation and we are spiritual partners to bring light to our shadows, and heal the frightened parts of ourselves to create authentic power.

One of my fears—-is this version of me will stir the pot & drive people away — but then again…at least I’ll be me, and at least I’ll be free!!! (And maybe on my own tropical island swinging on a hammock ❤️ but how great is that? LOL.)

SO NOW THE BIG THANK YOU to my Spiritual Partner Ray for standing by my side and CALLING ME INTO MY GREATNESS. I am grateful to be with a man who I deeply respect, who calls forth more of who I am always. He doesn’t back down, he always shows up, and is relentless in personal development and growth like I am.

In my past relationships before my son, I’ve held back. I’ve been agreeable. I’ve not really stood up for myself or spoken up. I’ve avoided strong men because I was actually afraid of them and recognized that I was modeling my maternal patterning from my childhood, putting men on pedestals vs equal scales. Unconsciously, I didn’t want to be bulldozed, lose myself, or feel not enough, so I just people pleased or avoided.

However, Ray is the man I’ve always wanted to be with –to feel protected, claimed, adored, and pushed to my growing edges through the shadow work – to be in a dynamic that would support me in up-leveling my immature masculine and feminine to full maturity and divinity.

Anything I say NOW, he meets it, challenges what needs to be challenged, and sees the parts of me that I cannot see. THANK YOU!!! And when we are honest, raw and passionately authentic, we just go deeper, and then we expand. I READY to throw the Chinese Stars at you. 😉 xo

I love the full range of our connection, and all the many facets of who we both are as parents, creatives, healers, coaches, teachers. I love how we traverse anger, pain and malaise as well as our hysterical laughter, tickles, reverence, and joy.

I truly receive you my King, and thank you for choosing me as your Queen.

✨ Gracefully put yourself first

✨ Practice radical self love

✨ Free your authentic voice

✨ Create inspired actions 

✨ Clarify your vision

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