5 Keys to Manifesting Your Desires

How do we manifest or bring the formless to the form?

I’d love to share with you what I consider to be the 5 most important keys to manifesting your desires.

I use these steps with much success with my coaching clients to align them with their soul’s purpose and actualize their visions.

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1 – Desire

Desire is one of the Four Aims of Yoga, in Sanskrit her name is Kama (like the Kama Sutras). I love this yogic definition of desire below.

According to, “Kama literally means desire.  Humanity is a species filled with desire.  We live in an age where a large portion of the world is heavily focused on desire. Some desires are for the uplifting of humanity, some are for justice, yet others desire for a particular person to love them.  Some are consumed with sexual desire. Yet, others desire communion with Divinity.  There are a plethora of desires within humanity. It is said in the Vedas that creation as ‘desire first arose’ within Divinity.  While desire is largely vilified within the realm of spirituality and religion, it is a powerful motivator and tool when used properly, and can be a catalyst for great change within humanity.

What is a powerful motivator or desire that you have?

2. Intention

When you look up intention in the dictionary its an aim or plan.

What is the aim, the plan for this powerful desire? What do you intend with your energy?

What are you asking the energy of creation to bring forth and why?

How can having this in physical form help you to serve humanity and/or save the health of the Earth?

3 – Vision with your senses

Creating a vision through the senses and your imagination will start to make your desires and intentions real to you.

In Shamanism, Yoga, Reiki, and Somatic Therapy, we know that our imagination is one of the most powerful tools for healing.

You can imagine something as being different and actually completely change your experience. According to neuroscience, we can re-pattern our brain and create new neural pathways.

I know people who have shrunk brain tumors through imagination in meditation. They create a fully different reality through changing their belief system.

So when you are creating a vision, ask yourself:
What does it feel like if you were to touch it?
What could it look like in detail?
What taste does it have?
What smell arises?
What sound does it make?

Create a vision board, filling it up with images based on the feelings and experiences that you are uncovering about this sensory exercise.

4 – Yoga/Meditation

We want to get out of our analytic mind that overthinks, analyzes, judges and wants to control the process and the “hows”.

Manifesting energy, although matched with some action, is very much a creative and heart energy process.

Let’s look at manifestation in this model as a process of receiving that which is in the Quantum field and generated by the heart’s desires.

As a co-creative process with the Universe, we need to be offering the liberating current of energy from our bodies rooted in the Earthly desires up to the Spirit realms and we need to have the antennae/receivers on to bring down what’s called the manifesting current or bringing Spirit to 3D.

It takes about about 15-20 minutes to drop into the theta brain wave state so that we can get into our creative brilliance.

In this space, we can be open to receive images, messages, downloads, knowings set forth from your desires and intentions.

5 – Let it go!

For me one of the hardest parts. 😉

We get so attached to our “how’s” and “whens” that we forget our limited human mind can’t see into the ingenuity, brilliance and limitless possibilities that the Universe IS.

We need to trust that once its out there in a clear way, that the Universe will be the reflector and will match our heart’s truest desires.


Thank you for listening!

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photocredit: Andressa Voltolini at unsplash

Behind our Obstacle is a Shadow Story of Desire

Last month’s video blog asked you to create intentions for the New Year and I shared my 2014 intentions with you as well. How are you doing with this process and are you still on the path?

If you have hit some road blocks, like me, guess what?

You still have work to do. Yeah for us! Meet these challenges and get interested enough to change your patterns and create a new story. This really is the fun part of creation.

Without judgement, give yourself permission to process the obstacles and go deep within to work with the powerful, Divine energy we have access to at all times.

The platform for this month’s video is this quote by David Krueger, M.D., from my Yoga 2 Life Coach Training Program.

“Every story of an obstacle has a shadow story of desire. The obstacle contains, yet conceals, the desire. What you seek is camouflaged in what you fear. The secret hiding in the open is that an obstacle is the unconscious mnemonic of desire – it reminds you of what you want, but makes it safe to want if you’re afraid.” ~ by David Krueger, M.D

In my last video, I told you that my main

intention for this year is to live more fully from my heart and in that to find the miracles in all things.

As I say this

I am running up against road blocks in terms of being present to show up in this way due to being “too busy” and my back just went out.

I haven’t had one day off since New Year’s Eve. Interesting right? Thank you Universe for pointing out my patterns of resistance, my obstacle and my hidden desires.

Can I live fully in my heart and be too busy at the same time?

Do these carry the same vibrations? How does being too busy make me feel? Do I feel like I’m living fully from my heart and finding miracles?

I offer empowerment workshops teaching people how to see through their negativity, their language patterns, and move into their desires AND now it is time to share my tools and show you how I can start to clear myself!

In this video I break down this quote into pieces and I really discovered some PROFOUND things:

First round of discovery (in the video)
Obstacle = Too busy (this language is dis-empowering, as if we have no control, change this to abundance and bring back control of your schedule)
Desire = Abundance without having to do so much; Just being
Fear = This is lazy and I’m not deserving of easy abundance(ah ha moment, as we say in coaching, and my shift of perspective)

Going one level deeper (not yet discovered in the video)
= True connection and deep intimacy with people
Fear = Vulnerability; Getting my heart broken; Am I worthy?
Obstacle = “too busy” shields me from my fears

What I truly want is true connection and deep intimacy with myself and others and that requires my full attention, presence, time and space!Can I live more fully from my heart and in that to find the miracles in all things when I experience true connection and deep intimacy with myself and others?

I’d say so!!! Rock on Hanuman! Having fun doing the work.

Our intrinsic value: HUMAN BEING not HUMAN DOING!

Sending you infinite love and light as this journey of awakening unfolds,