Feeling overextended, depleted and frankly just burnt out?

Do you feel overextended, depleted and frankly just burnt out? Or maybe you feel a bit overwhelmed and disorganized, or have too many balls in the air?

As a mom with a 3.5 year old son and a soulpreneur running two businesses, I lead a full life yet I’ve learned to live in a very fulfilling way that feels abundant, healthy and passionate.

I am quite masterful at time management, creating healthy structures, discipline, efficiencies, foundations, accountability and consistency in my life.

And, of course, I’ll have my days, I am certainly not perfect.

I do have stressors sometimes, yet I am so in tune with myself that I can CATCH my SUBCONSCIOUS habits and programs before they get the best of me. [Want to learn how.]

I don’t allow myself to feel wrecked, depleted, or to be in a state of NOT LISTENING.

I know for me that much of my chaos in the past was masked as procrastination.

My little self was hiding out of fear of failing or being rejected. I was out of my power.

When I realized I was hiding it all shifted for me.

When will it be a good time for you to stop hiding behind your chaos and excuses about time so that you can become a successful entrepreneur?

Stop believing that you are not in control (somewhat) over your life and manage your time more efficiently.

Do you believe that overworking with prove your value or your worth?

Perhaps you might consider not rescuing others at the expense of your energy and let them step up to the plate.

You might also experience procrastination and inaction and feel that you are lazy and then you believe you have no time as you aren’t using it wisely.

It’s time to create accountability and consistency and to find and maintain spiritual practices that create a healthy foundation of support and discipline.

Instead of creating discord and disharmony in your life, or creating excuses, complaining or wishing for something to be different, DO SOMETHING about it now.

You can work smarter and that doesn’t even mean it has to be harder. You can make small changes and see big results.

You can be a better mom when you are taking care of yourself. When you create time for you, instead of feeling depleted and victimized you can feel empowered, strong and available.

You can stretch time and create a lifestyle that you choose and do what you love. You can learn to be financially independent and create what you wanted for yourself, including healthier boundaries.

You can dream about contributing more to the family and finding more balance in your parenting and relationship.
When you do what you love, you won’t feel like you are going to work either. You will wake up in gratitude that you got to imagine your vision into reality.

The more gratitude you practice the more love you receive. Life feels abundant, prosperous, and good!!!

If this resonates with you and you want to make great changes, ping me and we’ll chat!

I can take you through a powerful inquiry process that will help you see where you can be more empowered in your life and take back the reins of your success!

I use my decades of experience in Subtle Body Energy Medicine, Meditation, Neurolinguistic Programming, and Empowerment Coaching to get to the core patterns quickly.

In just an hour, we can begin to discover what’s keeping you out of alignment and flow.

“I began speaking with Nicole to gain guidance during a switch from a job that wasn’t working me and into a new entrepreneurial career, but ended up gaining something even deeper than this. My career change had me feeling very lost and unsure where to begin, so we began by deciding on weekly tasks to accomplish, which truly worked! Nicole also advised me on how to structure my day to accomplish these goals and organize my time, which had me feeling more purposeful, more clear-headed, and more confident within the first two sessions. Plus, Nicole acted as a great mentor and friend to turn to for advice on tough conversations and decisions during this process. But while Nicole was wonderful in helping me through this transition, she helped me in an even more important way by setting me down a path towards towards becoming a happier, life-loving person. Our conversations brought forth the fact that in order to transition to a career and life that made me happier than my previous job, I needed to practice self-love, something that I realized I hadn’t been doing. Nicole encouraged me to think deeply within myself in ways that I never had before to find the things that were causing this, which was my perfectionism and some self-esteem issues caused by past experiences. Nicole gave me wise strategies for dealing with these fears that I can use long-term and left me with an uplifted mindset that I know I will carry with me in the future. No matter the circumstances, every conversation with Nicole left me feeling positive and uplifted, and this feeling grew stronger and stronger as our sessions progressed. Thank you so much Nicole!!” ~Sara D.


It’s time to breakthrough your limiting beliefs, unleash your power and share your healing gifts with the world!!!! The world needs YOU!

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When I (blank) then…

How is it that we can make up so many excuses for when we will actually live our lives? I’ll travel when I’m wealthy. I’ll write that book when I have time. I’ll have a baby when I find the perfect relationship. I will be happy when I get this promotion.

“When I (blank) then” is a great excuse for not doing something we may really want to do. Or maybe in fact we are choosing not to do those things because they aren’t our priority or in our alignment, so let them go.

My friend Deirdra Martinez of the Uplift Movement always inspires me.  I joined her “Conscious Collective” group recently to be associated with a group of like-minded souls who are truly up to greatness and upliftment in this world. We are all life coaching each other into living our dreams and potentials.

In this group, my goal is to write a book. As a new mom, I find myself strapped for time and having to adjust to managing my full time work schedule with being present with my newborn baby.

My excuse time and time again each week at check in is that I have absolutely no time to do this.  In essence, it is very true that I have less time than before, but if I had the time would I be writing my book or creating other excuses?

What I find most interesting for me in being part of this group are the games that I play with my mind. It has been a very interesting inquiry.

Do I want to write this book?

The answer is yes, however, I keep saying, “I will write this book when I have time.” Does the time ever come?

If I’m being authentic, the book is not my biggest priority now,

like it was when I started the group.  My son is my number one interest.  And knowing how fleeting this time with him (as a baby) is, instead of admitting that the book isn’t my biggest priority currently, I keep using the excuse “I just don’t have enough time”. I don’t want to let people down either.

What I also realized in this inquiry is that I could be more creative with my time.

For example, in the car I have much wasted time here in LA. I’m in the car several hours a day commuting. During my drives, I’d listen to the radio or CD or make phone calls.  These are all well and good activities, but if I plan to write a book, I could be creative and voice record my book on an app and then transcribe it later – thank you Deirdra for this idea! I have been doing this several times now and have received about 20 pages of transcriptions back.  In actuality my book is being written, verbally!

The deeper layer of the procrastination on my book too is the fear around whether or not the subject will be of interest or if anyone will care. Or if I can organize my thoughts. Will spending all this time be a waste in the end?

This group coaching experience has given me cause to look all around my life for other excuses.  If I really want to do something, can I make it work? Or maybe that thing just isn’t my priority anymore and I need to be more upfront, authentic and honest with others and myself.  I need to release the “should do this” script which is about disappointing people and meeting expectations.

What have I learned?

If you want to do something that’s in alignment, look for all they ways that it can happen. Be creative.  And if it’s not in alignment, then let it go. Be honest. Let go of the scripts that cause you to look outside yourself for answers.  Go within.