My Values, Commitments & Future Self

As you may have been reading about my journey in my last few blogs, I’m in the process of finishing up two life coaching courses that are powerfully opening me up to my Divine Feminine and helping me to let go of some old programming.

Thank you to Violet Lange’s The Pleasure Path and The Feminine Power 7 Week Essential Course For the Awakening Woman by Dr. Claire Zammit from Evolving Wisdom.

I’ve been stepping out of my comfort zone and asking for so much support, really honoring that this is the path of the feminine. It feels so good to be seen and accepted and to have so many woman in my life that are just bad ass goddesses!

I have many POWER STATEMENTS that I’ve written throughout these courses and this is my favorite recently!

“My very existence is more than enough to be worthy of being loved, supported, safe and respected. I am a radiant, powerful goddess. I hold the light and expansion of my awareness in every cell of my being. I am a unique design ready to up-level and express my gifts. I am ready to give myself permission for all my gifts to be fully received. I believe in me. I shine my light into the World.”

I am feeling so ready to commit to the things that I value the most:

  1. Love/Intimate Connection – I show up as presently as I can with the people that I’m connecting with in that moment. I offer loving kindness in all moments. I commit to creating connection to people without any agenda. I am uplifted by partnership. I am heard and seen. I powerfully listen.
  2. Gratitude/Appreciation – I voice my love, gratitude and appreciation to every person that I am in relationship with as often as possible.
  3. Healing – I service all those that I touch with deep healing for them to reveal more radiance and light. I educate myself in the most powerful healing tools in existence.
  4. My voice – I voice my feelings, desires and wants.  As a speaker/coach, I hold space as a powerful auditor, facilitator and wisdom teacher. As a singer, I  share my songs, write and sing.

I see my ‘Future Self’  as:

  • A creator of powerful community and experiences that embody the qualities of the Divine Feminine.  The creator of nurturing, intimate and connected community, whereby creativity, transformation and healing are natural states of being.  Full potentials are realized and rippling out goodness to the world.
  • One who is authentic in her communication. One who voices and presences herself, her feelings, wants and desires.
  • A goddess, shaman, medicine woman that offers deep healing work and insightful wisdom to the broader collective to shift our consciousness.
  • An abundant wealth creator that circulates wealth to help women rise.
  • An author and singer.
  • A super duper sexy, erotic lover!
  • An incredible Mother to my son Yeshua.

When I write this all the hairs stand on my arms. It feels powerful and true.

“Our power to manifest is equal to our power to generate our own evolution.” – Claire Zammit.

What would you like to powerfully step into?

How can I help you unlock your desires and rise up?

Reach out, write, tell me more!


Goddess Solstice New Moon Cacao Ceremony (Women Only)

The dim light of the Solstice New Moon is a perfect time to set new intentions. Join us as we come together in the sacred hoop of sisterhood to heal and activate the power of the Divine Feminine through the use of Shamanic rituals and sacred ceremonial Cacao medicine!

This is an opportunity to open ourselves up to these emotional and receptive energies and heal our old patterns, limiting beliefs and ancestral traumas so that we may move into alignment with our Authentic Selves and True Nature as healers and custodians of the Mother Earth!

We hold impeccable sacred healing space for our participants so they may dive as deeply as they need in order to release what comes up.

Before doing our deep healing work, we will experience the powerful healing properties of raw, organic, blessed ceremonial Cacao. Some of the main benefits of Cacao medicine are increasing of euphoric feelings that can overcome stress and anxiety, accompanied by an opening of the heart chakra.

It’s also an extremely beneficial superfood with high levels of antioxidants, Omega 6 fatty acids and the amino acids tryptophan and serotonin. So you know you will leave feeling really delicious!

Once we activate ourselves with this magical heart-opening medicine, we will be led through a powerful ceremony which will include intention setting, breathwork, ritual, meditation, chanting and Shamanic medicine music for a closing sound bath.

Required Materials:
• Please wear clothing that embodies your inner goddess
• It would be beneficial to bring a journal/pen to record any revelations that arise
• There may be time for each of us to share a song/poem if we would like

Contraindications: Be aware that raw cacao acts as a stimulant, which at the least can negatively affect sleep and at worst may agitate kidneys for those with any conditions of these nature. If you are pregnant or nursing, please check with your physician first.

Time:  7-10pm

Location: 417 Rose, Ceremony Meditation, Venice

Costs: $33

Goddess Facilitators:

Nicole Doherty is a 500-RYT YogaWorks Certified teacher, Shamanic Reiki energy and sound healer, wellness coach, singer and writer. She is honored to have studied with world-renowned thought leaders in the areas of yoga, meditation, voice, subtle body, Reiki, shamanism, nutrition and life coaching. Nicole spent most of her adult life on an extensive spiritual inquiry that empowered her to overcome multiple traumas in her life. The biggest and most profound discovery on this path to wholeness was through the medicine work. Nicole began her Shamanic studies in Peru in 2011 at the Temple of the Way of Light in the Shapibo tradition of the Peruvian Amazon and made a lifetime vow to be service of the medicine. Since she has been facilitating ceremonies and has dieted master plants in Peru with Don Benigno & Don Guido. As a channel of love, light and joy, Nicole’s dharma is to inspire others to heal and to help them discover their highest potential.

Lauren Armstrong is an E-RYT 200 Yoga Challenger, Light Coach, Shamanic Reiki Healer, Singer, Comedienne and Writer. While studying for her Master of Fine Arts in Acting she discovered yoga and breathwork, which inspired her to dig deeper into her own spiritual existence. She moved to Los Angeles and was immediately enamored of the health-conscious, light-hearted, yet deeply spiritual community residing here. She wrote and starred in a podcast about the joys of making healthy, wholesome food taste delicious called The Foodiegasm Podcast She went on to study Power Vinyasa Yoga at Earth’s Power Yoga with Steven Earth Metz, and has been teaching yoga ever since. Lauren studied Reiki and Shamanic healing practices with shamans trained in the Shipibo tradition in Peru, learning how to guide others through trauma and stuck energy to bring about deep healing. She has led workshops such as The Sacred Art of Play, Improvisation for Presence, Goddess Full Moon Gatherings, Storytelling Circles and Shamanic Breathwork Ceremonies. She believes that the Power of Love and the Oneness of All can be easily brought to light through song, story and laughter.