2105: The Year of Infinity


Happy New Year!

What a year it’s been already! 2015 is the Year of Infinity! It’s about BELIEVING, KNOWING, getting comfortable with UNCERTAINTY and TRUST. It’s ACTIVATION time light workers! Get ready.

In the Law of Attraction we talk about setting off Rockets of Desire. When you set off rockets of desire with the Purest of your heart’s intentions the Universe co-conspires with you to Create and Manifest. Our job is to be in a State of Alignment with Source so that we can receive the Great Blessings that are to come without Resistance. The Universe is working in the field of Infinite Possibilities. Our Third Dimensional Minds want to figure everything out and Control how all things will show up and appear based on past circumstances and evidence. The fact is – that that’s the Past and that’s old news!

The New Earth and New Thinking is to set off your desires (and really let ’em rip), Surrender and Believe. Know that the Universe is working with you for the Highest Good of You and for all of humanity. Any challenges that come your way are gifts to help you come more fully into alignment with your Higher Self.

When you practice this New Thinking and really Believe, you will be absolutely amazed at what appears! One of the main obstacles that you need to watch is the Ego. When you actually receive these Blessings, watch your Ego struggle and create Chaos in its disbelief!

This is what is happening right now in the World. Chaos. From Chaos we find New Order. Destruction and restructuring is happening around the entire planet. (Watch this video from Deepak Chopra‘s Down the Rabbit Hole series.)

According to Guru Singh, an enlightened Kundalini Master teacher, the year of 2015 is the Year of Infinity, or 8 (2+0+1+5). We moved into the Age of Aquarius and the true Ascension has begun. Have you seen all the shifts since 2012?

The year of Infinity is going to be about BELIEVING and KNOWING and getting comfortable with UNCERTAINTY. Nothing in life is certain. We must believe and KNOW ultimately that all of what is occurring is for the benefit of humankind and ourselves all set to the Divine Plan. We must TRUST!! Everything is happening according to a Divine Plan.

According to The Power Path, the theme for January is ACTIVATION!

“The year starts off with an intense period of release and initiation and a push from spirit to get all your ducks in a row. As we move from the more organized influences of 2014 into the chaos, creativity and destruction of 2015, it will be truly useful to take charge of what is being activated in your life, especially this month. This is not the month to be passive, apathetic or be waiting for someone else to solve what is not working in your life. This is a month to be disciplined about your boundaries and to step into your own creative power of choice around what gets activated and how.”

Get Activated! Set your heart’s desires on FIRE!