What would you do if you had permission?

What would you do if you had permission?

This is an interesting question that I find is coming up lately with my clients and my own personal work.

I have a client who is on her healing path and stuck in an old familial story of “I am different” or “weird”.  This story actually stems from way back in her lineage. Passed down from generations of people who came to the U.S. from overseas and looked different.

Even though she was born here, the need her parents had to ‘fit in’ continued as a pattern in the way she was parented.  She was told how to act, how to be, what she “should” do and how she “should” operate in this culture.

What’s interesting is that this exacerbated the Ego’s original story and created pressure to become an identity that is even more separate because its not authentic to her.

Now, she doesn’t even “know” who she is. (Her Higher Self does, or she wouldn’t be in my program.)

To me, this is awesome!  Truly, a beginner in life, as my intuitive healer James Stellar would say. To her, a bit scary.

In doing somatic body sensing meditations, Shamanic lineage deprogramming meditations and Shamanic Resourcing, we started to see a shift in her perspective.  Then I asked her, “What would you do if you had permission to do and be whomever you wanted?”.

That nearly shot her to the moon.

It was a revelation.  In that moment, she gave herself permission to be herself.

Recently, when I was on the phone with my life coach, I was having a lot of confusion around something in my business.  I had an intuitive hit that I needed something to shift, but I wasn’t taking action.  After a quick brainstorm with her, I received permission to make the shift.

Sometimes in life we just need to give ourselves permission. That simple word, can create a massive shift.

We get very caught up in comparison, contrast, perfection or the ‘shoulds’ that we are given.  We forget, or we weren’t taught, that we can actually change our perspective.  Permission overrides the Ego and helps us to drop in and trust ourselves.

Having the reflection of trusted mentors, coaches, teachers and community groups are wonderful for this reason.  When we can see ourselves in others and hear our desires reflected back to us through relationship, we actually see and understand things differently. It widens our perceptions.

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Do you deny yourself love?

Do you deny yourself love?
I always ask my clients what their self-care practices are.
Often I get a nervous laugh. And then a ton of excuses.
Why do we deny ourselves love?
Recently, I had to look at some of the ways that I deny myself love.
I criticize myself. Sometimes I’m afraid to charge a decent price for my services. I don’t schedule myself a lunch. I procrastinate about things. I opt out of yoga because I let client sessions run over.
These are the ways I take myself out of self-love. How about you?
When I recently talked to a client of mine about love, she said, “I never wanted to love myself because I was told it was arrogant.”
Arrogance is not love. It’s fear – imposing your ideas of superiority because you have to prove your worth. Love is knowing everyone is equal under the eyes of God.
What I’ve learned from the Shamanic indigenous ways and Yoga, is that everything is connected and it’s imperative that we respect all, including the Earth. In loving and having incredible respect for all of God’s creations, we must love this body-mind system to its fullest.
Love is appreciation, value and self-worth.  Love is what you are offering the world in service to the whole of humanity, the Earth and ultimately the Universe.

How could your life be different if you really loved all of you?
Can you imagine into what it would be like if that’s the way we all lived?
The more I value and love myself, the happier I am. I don’t need to do anything to prove myself, I have so much less pressure to perform, I feel in flow with life, the less I need, and I can offer so much more to the world.
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Infinite blessings on the path to awaken to the Divinity in all,

“Our power to manifest is equal to our power to generate our own evolution.”
– Claire Zammit