#BeAuthentic Election Results

#BeAuthentic is my Mantra for November. I’m actually in shock about Trump. But in all honesty, you gotta hand it to him. His attacks on the governmental system, have uprooted some of the underpinnings of hate, narcissism, racism, greed and avarice that exists still within our society, merely hidden under the mask of democracy. As a KPFK announcer recently said, he appeals to the beast within us. Front and center we are witnessing the true nature of duality in our country completely divided. This is the struggle with light and dark, good and bad and all the shit in between that we are doing as healers. This is the work of awakening the collective consciousness.

As I’ve been leaning into the election and its simultaneous chaos, I’ve been listening to all the corruption, deception, rejection and spinning. As ugly as it is, at least we are illuminating this shadow giving us as light-workers the opportunity to move our attention toward magnifying the light!

This election has taught me to be more upfront with how and what I communicate. I think it is teaching all of us the fine lines between truth/non-disclosure and deception/perception.

We channel our own versions of illusion through social media daily. Not everyone is as happy and put together as it seems. There are many people calling out for help beneath the surface of the fluff.

The more honest I am with myself these days, the more uncomfortable I seem to get. And, I really like feeling uncomfortable now because to me it means I’m creating breakthroughs. I hope this too is how we can view what’s happening with our country. Let’s use this challenge as gift to reveal the deeper truths for all of us.

Whenever I’m confused and in battle with my lower mind, I turn to prayer and my healing practices – yoga, meditation, Reiki, and Shamanism. These help me to understand my own truths. I will sit in debate with the lower frequencies for a while until I feel my heart and the buddhi awareness pierces the veil of illusion.

When you are in battle, go within.
Take a journey to your heart.
Open yourself to more light.
Find the truth.

And if you want to start a commune in Costa Rica as I posted on Facebook, for real, let’s do it! 😉