5 Keys to Manifesting Your Desires

How do we manifest or bring the formless to the form?

I’d love to share with you what I consider to be the 5 most important keys to manifesting your desires.

I use these steps with much success with my coaching clients to align them with their soul’s purpose and actualize their visions.

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1 – Desire

Desire is one of the Four Aims of Yoga, in Sanskrit her name is Kama (like the Kama Sutras). I love this yogic definition of desire below.

According to, “Kama literally means desire.  Humanity is a species filled with desire.  We live in an age where a large portion of the world is heavily focused on desire. Some desires are for the uplifting of humanity, some are for justice, yet others desire for a particular person to love them.  Some are consumed with sexual desire. Yet, others desire communion with Divinity.  There are a plethora of desires within humanity. It is said in the Vedas that creation as ‘desire first arose’ within Divinity.  While desire is largely vilified within the realm of spirituality and religion, it is a powerful motivator and tool when used properly, and can be a catalyst for great change within humanity.

What is a powerful motivator or desire that you have?

2. Intention

When you look up intention in the dictionary its an aim or plan.

What is the aim, the plan for this powerful desire? What do you intend with your energy?

What are you asking the energy of creation to bring forth and why?

How can having this in physical form help you to serve humanity and/or save the health of the Earth?

3 – Vision with your senses

Creating a vision through the senses and your imagination will start to make your desires and intentions real to you.

In Shamanism, Yoga, Reiki, and Somatic Therapy, we know that our imagination is one of the most powerful tools for healing.

You can imagine something as being different and actually completely change your experience. According to neuroscience, we can re-pattern our brain and create new neural pathways.

I know people who have shrunk brain tumors through imagination in meditation. They create a fully different reality through changing their belief system.

So when you are creating a vision, ask yourself:
What does it feel like if you were to touch it?
What could it look like in detail?
What taste does it have?
What smell arises?
What sound does it make?

Create a vision board, filling it up with images based on the feelings and experiences that you are uncovering about this sensory exercise.

4 – Yoga/Meditation

We want to get out of our analytic mind that overthinks, analyzes, judges and wants to control the process and the “hows”.

Manifesting energy, although matched with some action, is very much a creative and heart energy process.

Let’s look at manifestation in this model as a process of receiving that which is in the Quantum field and generated by the heart’s desires.

As a co-creative process with the Universe, we need to be offering the liberating current of energy from our bodies rooted in the Earthly desires up to the Spirit realms and we need to have the antennae/receivers on to bring down what’s called the manifesting current or bringing Spirit to 3D.

It takes about about 15-20 minutes to drop into the theta brain wave state so that we can get into our creative brilliance.

In this space, we can be open to receive images, messages, downloads, knowings set forth from your desires and intentions.

5 – Let it go!

For me one of the hardest parts. 😉

We get so attached to our “how’s” and “whens” that we forget our limited human mind can’t see into the ingenuity, brilliance and limitless possibilities that the Universe IS.

We need to trust that once its out there in a clear way, that the Universe will be the reflector and will match our heart’s truest desires.


Thank you for listening!

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photocredit: Andressa Voltolini at unsplash


Life is Ceremony, Ceremony is Life

What if we lived our lives as if everything were ceremonial? What if we lived each day making offerings to the life-giving elements of Fire, Water, Air and Earth. What would the world be like if we took the time each day to bless the trees, birds, plants, rocks and all living things?

This is the path of the Shaman.

The Shaman wakes each morning with blessings and gratitude for the unseen realms that are always supporting and mentoring us.  The Shaman offers rituals to honor that which gives us life. They co-create their realities with the presence of prayer and spiritual inquiry. They see the beauty and magic in all things God’s made.  Everything becomes symbolic and placed in Divine order as messengers along a path of awakening to higher consciousness.  All of life around us – the animals, herbs, crystals – they are guides, allies and healing companions.

We are inextricably connected to all of life on this planet. 

Whatever we do effects the whole, no matter how small you think you are.  Every thought, and word becomes an action that creates a wave of energy that changes the energy around you. It’s time for all of us to recognize how LARGE and IN CHARGE we really are.  How responsible and accountable we must be for the distribution of our energy.

Wake up each day and burn off the negative dross.

According to the Artist’s Way, one of my favorite books of all time, the “Morning Pages” are a very valuable tool in releasing this energy and creating space for creativity to move through you.  Place a notebook by your end table and write 3 stream of consciousness pages to release anything that’s accumulated from the prior day and dream state.  Pay no attention to spelling and grammar, just write! Place it to the side and never read it again. Metaphorically burning it up. Or check out the YogaWakeup app for some of my meditations (see below!).

Practice ceremony daily.

A ceremony is an offering of blessings in our lives. It’s an opportunity to thank your guides, spirit allies, and all of those things around you that bring you life, joy, celebration, love and prosperity. A way that you can honor God in all things.  Even those things that challenge you, are placed there for your own growth.

Ceremony Meditation

If you are unsure of how to start a ceremonial practice or if you want to share your practices with your community, come to Ceremony Meditation at 417 Rose in Venice across from Cafe Gratitude which will open in October.

Our mission as an intentional community is to provide a space where all beings can feel supported and safe within their spiritual practice(s), allowing them to step into the Trust of their own Evolution. We stand with open hearts and minds with all of creation. Ceremony is Life…Life is Ceremony.

Our Purpose:  We acknowledge this World is flourishing with wisdom teachings, sacred practices and conscious raising traditions covering the Globe. At the core of these teachings, we know and understand ‘Paths are many, Truth is one.’ We honor and host all practices that are in agreement with our commitment to every being on the planet discovering his or her Authentic Self, in other words Self-Realization. We will guide all beings to an experience in their heart, where the source of all creation emanates from.

Shamanic & Ceremonial Retreats – Spirit Wisdom Healing Transformational Retreats

You also have the opportunity in September  2016 to connect to all of Nature, experience deeply healing mineral springs hot baths, yoga, meditation and learn Shamanic rituals and ceremonies in Mount Shasta. The Spirit Wisdom Healing Retreats will be an annual retreat offering.  In 2017, you can join us July 27 – August 1st, 2017.

Infinite Blessings on the Path of Awakening to the Truth of It All,

Ceremony Meditation
417 Rose in Venice
across from Cafe Gratitude
Open in October.
Nicole Doherty

Creating Ritual & Spiritual Practice

I’m reminded today of the importance of Ritual & Spiritual Practice. As a full-time working mom, it’s more evident than ever that keeping up with Self-Study and Personal Practice is paramount.  And yet, it can seem harder than ever before due to what’s pulling on my attention. What I recognize today is the pressure I place on myself to be perfect in my Practice (Zen on the tallest mountain peak in Lotus with Gian Mudra).  AND, this is not the Practice.

The Ritual of Practice is the Consistency of showing up for myself amidst the Chaos, Suffering, Challenges and every day Irritants that lower my Vibration. Svadyaya (Self-Study) is meeting myself daily to contest the mind’s desires to attach or avert the uncomfortable places that I traverse. The Cure to the Virus of the Mind is the Practice.

Michael Beckwidth of Agape International Spiritual Center, today explained that in our day to day, we live in a lower vibration than our full potential and that our Spiritual Practices (yoga, meditation, chanting, spiritual study) give us the opportunity to merge with our Highest Potential in the Quantum Field. When we were conceived in the Mind of God that version of ourselves was designed and we are evolving Now to meet in that realm of Divine Perfection, Beauty, Love and Prosperity.

It’s so easy daily to get diverted from the Path, so “JUST FOR TODAY… (much like the speak of Alcoholics Anonymous), I COMMIT to a DAILY CEREMONY for MYSELF” whether it be rolling onto my mat for 10 minutes of breath work, staying in the car for an extra 5 minutes to meditate, journaling before bed for a few moments or reading an inspiring article.  All of this is part of Spiritual Practice. Thus, removing the pressure of perfection and performance and making it manageable to achieve!

Infinite Blessings on the Path of Awakening to the Truth of It All,