Amber field

“Free Your Voice” Workshop with Amber Field & Nicole Doherty

Free Your Voice: the yoga of embodied sound! Come sound, sing, and speak your truth with more confidence and power! From the sacred to the silly, this class is fun, healing, and transformational. This class is for both singers and non-singers. Free your voice and fully embody sound through toning, sound meditations, chanting, gospel, vocal expressive arts, movement and sounding, and improv performance. Learn proper breathing techniques, open your chakras through sound vibrations, and embody powerful mantras. Visit for reviews. Visit her website:

“Amber Field’s “Free Your Voice” Workshop was absolutely astounding.  She is incredibly skilled at quietly creating a safe space and gently encouraging people to explore and find their truth, then openly express it.  So many times at the end of the class people would voice their delight at being given the space to “play” which, as adults with busy  lives, we rarely have. Whether you are a professional singer or have never sung a note in your life you will benefit from this workshop.  Sign up NOW!!!  You won’t regret it.” Colleen Browne, Free Your Voice student

Amber field
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Nicole Doherty is a singer, 500-RYT certified yoga instructor, shamanic reiki healer and writer. She loves musical performance! Nicole studied music and voice at Blue Bear School of Music in SF with Raz Kennedy. She sang in musicals as an actress and in hippie and punk bands in the 90’s. But in 2011, sound and music became a major part of her healing and awakening process. Through deep spiritual work in the jungles of Peru, Nicole’s voice was profoundly re-activated in unimaginable ways and she began to embody and download sacred songs of spirit. She’s is now writing and recording meditations, mantras and songs that carry highly medicinal vibrations.  She is honored and grateful for this extraordinary gift. Visit her website:

Date:  Sat Aug 16, 2014
Time:  1:45 – 3:45p

Location:  Bhakti Yoga Shala