4 Simple Steps to Overcome Perfectionsim

Have you ever struggled with perfectionism?

How often do you feel you have to be “right” and does this actually make you feel “wrong”?

Perfectionism is the ego’s procrastination tactic and stems from fear of rejection.

It’s an old ego story that developed from a feeling of being wronged, punished, rejected or invalidated in some way.

This story inhibits the creative process which is about making changes, finding contrast, being mutable and navigating the unknown.

You learn from your experiences.

I know that when perfectionism rears its head for me, tasks that could be simple turn into laborious ones.

How much do you think you have to know before you do something?

Does it prevent you from moving forward?

What kind of pressure do you put on yourself?

When you are stuck in this loop, you lose sight of the joy of the creative process.

I love this quote from Julia Cameron, from the Artist’s Way,

Perfectionism is the opposite of humility, which allows us to move slowly and steadily forward, making and learning from our mistakes. Perfectionism says do it “right”— or not at all.

Here are 4 simple steps to transmute this story:

1) Close your eyes. Smile. Place your hands on your heart. Say to the ego, “Thank you showing me my inner work!”

2) Direct your mind to your inner child and heart. Say, “I love you. I am enough!”

3) Breathe for a few minutes into your creative center, your pelvis, and say, “I open myself up to the joy of creativity that flows through me. I desire to share my gifts from Spirit authentically. Spirit…what can I offer in service to you?” Listen.

4) Open your eyes and take action from humility.

Move through your day in wonder about what’s flowing through you.

Spirit is working through you.

Let the creative process be fun and joyous.



P.S. Share this blog and comment. I’d love to hear from you. What processes do you use to help you transcend procrastination?

Photo credit: Ben White on Unsplash