Plant Medicines

Thank you Ayahuasca.

Today I want to give homage to my most beloved sacred plant teacher, Ayahuasca.

I’ve been off the grid with my dedication to this medicine and in hiding for too long. Yet, there are many all over the world that are speaking about this powerful plant and now I feel safe to speak my truth.

She’s been my main non-human teacher since 2009. She chose me to work with her through a series of incredible sychronicities that led me to Peru on 1/1/11 to work for 3 months with 7 shamans at the Temple of the Way of Light. Check out that numerology! I experienced a kundalini awakening that altered my entire universe and flipped my perspective upside down.

In 2012, I began receiving Light Language codes, the language of sacred geometry . “Light Language is higher dimensional frequencies that ‘speak’ directly to your DNA and energy field, finding a resonance that activates and balances you on profound and practical levels – its an initiate of ascension (Valerie Ester).”

Since then, I’ve been on a healing path serving the her teachings as best I can through my work, and bow humbly to this path. I’ve helped hundreds upon hundreds of individuals on this same path of Awakening. I learned how to offer transformative healings and to hold impeccable space as a result.

As many whom have worked with this medicine know, she’s been weaving her dynamic web through the World to awaken the collective human consciousness and lightworkers are uniting to raise the vibration of the planet. She’s asking for Balance – to Save this Beloved Planet – and to Remember Love again.

Oddly enough. I parted ways with this medicine for a while to integrate after 10 solid years of service and apprenticeship. She still works with me on a spiritual level every single day and I feel her guidance always and everywhere.

In my last ceremony, she offered me a near death experience – a choice – to stay or go. I chose a resounding “YES” to stay on Earth with my son. She gave me no choice really it was a stern ask because all I could feel was terror vs the light that I would have expected. This was one of many Ego Deaths I recognized later. My ego was unable to fully surrender to what could and may have been the Light on the other side.

My integration has shown me that she took me to the depths of my own fear to clear it because it is what exists in me and most of us on this planet at our root. I still had layers and levels to work through into fully TRUSTING the Divine. And what resulted in the last 2 years has been some of the most profoundly deep healing I’ve had to date.

She continues to support and guide me from a deep place within. I am eternally grateful for all the blessings she has offered me, even though sometimes they came packaged in fear. She still guides me in what I offer my clients and deep healing takes place as she holds space with me, as me and through me.

What she showed me is that my life’s path at this moment I’m to offer the teachings of the medicine using completely holistic methodologies like breathwork, energy medicine, coaching, yoga, etc. so that people who are unable/unwilling to work with this plant medicine could find the same outcomes of Remembrance, hence creating the empowerment coaching + intuitive healing programs that I offer individually and with Alan at The Sacred Valley Spiritual Retreat.

The Grandmother and I co-created the title, “Unleash the Priestess Within + Thrive” to service women into self-realization, or awakening to their own Divine Union with God, as God Within. To me, its all about Remembering Who We Really Are and seeing ourselves with Loving Eyes and a Powerful Humble Heart. I want women to Love themselves pure and simple and to have long term, sustainable practices and community that keep them on their path.

Every day as I coach my clients and do healing work, I hear the stories that have suppressed women from our power and the belief systems that are in place. I know that there is a Divine Path that brings us back home when we learn to heal, forgive, surrender and take responsibility for our lives.

I desire for you to live in JOY, CELEBRATION, TRUTH, ABUNDANCE and more. As we bring this Earth back into balance in the feminine way and create global feminine systems and businesses that are nourishing and in harmony with Nature, we create community with our gifts, share and love again. We can bring this world into Global Peace when we heal, create and relate from a place of Love vs Fear.


Face Your Shadow: Yoga & Shamanism

I’m re-posting this blog from May 2012…it’s incredible to watch the transformation I’ve undergone since this post 1.5 years ago and the potency of this work. I’d love to write much more about these subjects in the next coming year.


May 2012

Since living in Peru last year, I’ve submerged myself in the study of Amazonian Shamanism. As a result of the transformation I underwent during my stay in the jungle, I made a sacred vow to dedicate myself to Yoga and Shamanism. Ultimately I vowed to bring forth the wisdom of the Universe expressed through these vehicles. This journey has been extraordinary.

Through this work, we are shown the vast complexity of the human psyche. I call this ‘work’ because it is no simple task to face our shadows and consciously reenact what we have tried to forget. However, stuffing emotions and creating dormancy is no longer an option.

Our fragmentation and separation from Source has caused us pain and suffering. Without a vehicle for release, our suffering imprints our DNA and is re-birthed continuously until its unconscious patterns are identified, made conscious, and alchemized from suffering to forgiveness.

Through the shamanic tools of sacred song, sound and plant medicines, our deeply rooted unconscious patterns are revealed to us quickly. As we continue to peel back the layers, appearing abysmal at times, we ultimately arrive to the doorway of understanding that the Universe beyond the Ego is comprised of Love. Love is the epicenter of the Universe.

For me, April 2012 was impeccable in revealing latent patterns woven in the fabric of my family tree. This month, I have spent disentangling an immense web of ancestral patterns mired in the energy of “the perpetrator”. I am facing the shadows, completing the stories, and breaking the chain of violation that takes on many forms – verbal, emotional and sexual – that my Ego has been so fondly feeding upon.

The byline “I am not ______ enough” accompanies my stories. Yet, it wasn’t until I began this work that its origins were firmly exposed. When you need to cure “dis-ease”, you look to the root of the problem for its solution. Most of us are in a state of disease. We need to radically purge what no longer serves us in order to raise our vibration and that of the planet to ride this incredible wave of accelerated expansive energy home, to the Universal Heart.

The Shamanic path is phenomenal. It is the most incredible magic carpet ride filled with discovery, forgiveness and healing. As I have fully surrendered to the lessons and gifts, I feel as though I have plugged into a Universal Matrix. I no longer sit in the dark fearful and wondering why I am here.

There is no stopping the energetic momentum created once you step into this knowing. I have come to realize the amazing powers of intention, yoga, meditation, visualization, sacred ritual, mantra and music as keys to unlocking our marvelous manifesting abilities. We all have these abilities. Now, is your time to unravel and put your stories to rest.

What will you offer this world in service of the greatest good?

The world is waiting for YOU and YOUR unique gifts!