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What about you is toxic?

“I am not smart enough.”

If you have been reading these blogs you probably have heard something similar, “I’m not good enough”.  This was my story, as part of another story.

Many of us walk around with what are called “toxic traits” coined by David Simon in his book, “Free to Love. Free to Heal.”
Our consumer society thrives off of these beliefs so that it can sell you more things to help you “improve” who you are.
You are too wrinkly…buy this cream!
You are too fat…freeze if off!
You are too frumpy…buy this purse!
The fact is if we learn to really love, accept and approve of ourselves exactly as we are, we don’t really need much. 

When we don’t need much we also start living in harmony with Earth. We recognize in Shamanism the concept of sacred reciprocity or ‘ayni’ which means living in harmony with the Earth and not creating a ton of waste. When you love yourself, you start to recognize the importance of loving all beings that we are connected with.

When you are in your story, you are in Ego and in resistance with life. When I was in this “I’m not smart enough” story,  I would let other people’s opinions supersede my own truths, considering I wasn’t smart enough to hold my own. It kept me inert for a long time and got me in trouble.
The blessing in this story as I look back was that I overachieved to compensate for “not being smart enough” and pursued information like an addiction which is now how I can share the wisdom I hold. 
And now, because I have healed this story, I pursue information not to gain approval from anyone, but to share wisdom in the service of other beings’ healing process.
Find out what toxic traits you still hold about yourself.  And see how these are playing out in your life. If you don’t know, sign up for your FREE Shamanic Priestess session and find out. Click Here 
The thing is… if you want to lose weight, you don’t run around telling yourself how bad you are, what you lack and how ugly you are and then expect results.
Accepting yourself and loving yourself for who you are is the key to positive change. 
When I work with my Shamanic Empowerment Coaching clients we get to a place of understanding, gentleness and care with the Self.  We set up self-care practices.  We learn to love ourselves like we would love a child. Then, we can start to see results.
Stop abusing and criticizing yourself and see what happens.

Infinite blessings on the path to awaken to the Divinity in all,



“Our power to manifest is equal to our power to generate our own evolution.”
– Claire Zammit