How To Clear Toxic Relationships

I invite you to participate in a very powerful shamanic meditation process that will shift you out of the energy drain of a toxic relationship and help you forgive and reclaim your power.

Last year, I surveyed this newsletter list and I received some very interesting information about what you need and want.

One of the top challenges that you face is the need to clear toxic relationships, past lovers, and sexual shame.

As a survivor of sexual trauma, who harbored a lot of shame and guilt, I have first-hand experience of this process.

What I recognized during my own healing process is that the path to healing was to:

1) allow my anger/rage to surface
2) practice radical self-forgiveness
3) recognize the God-seed/Divinity in that human as your teacher

4) find appreciation for the teaching itself

In allowing your anger and rage to surface you unearth the toxic energies that are latent in your body. These emotions that we hold onto literally poison the body and create disease.

I love the practice of hitting a pillow or screaming in your car!

To practice radical self-forgiveness, in this meditation you will have the opportunity to speak your truth. To allow what was unsaid to be revealed.  This helps the mind to finish the process that was left incomplete. In this we don’t beat ourselves up for wishing something were different.

As part of this meditation, you will be asked to imagine into the Highest version of this person, the Higher Self, Soul, Divinity that exists in this person.

This powerful shamanic process maybe the first time that you are able to shift your perception to seeing and understanding the Divine teaching and the skills that you learned as a result of this relationship.

This is potent.

I’ve offered great results to my healing clients for a decade.

I have worked with hundreds of clients through pain and suffering.

I have seen instant results in my clients.

You can reclaim you personal power through this shamanic meditation.

If you have experienced sexual shame, guilt, or have someone to forgive, then experience this powerful shamanic meditation process that will shift you out of these negative frequencies immediately.Join your sisters on Wed Feb 21st at 1p in the Shamanic Healing Arts Facebook Group #shamanicpriestess and catch my live Facebook video.

I help entrepreneurial women heal their past, awaken the inner shaman, and unleash their priestess power to actualize their vision.

Come join a circle of priestesses heal in the collective frequency of love!