Close-up of a young woman looking into a mirror and touching her face

Do you really love yourself?

What’s wrong with me?

Not a question most people like answering.

It’s really uncomfortable and very telling.  I have my clients answer this question for themselves when we start working together.

One of my favorite authors and healers, Louise Hay, offers the Mirror exercise to her clients.  She will ask the client to pick up a mirror, look into their own eyes, say their name, and then repeat “I love and accept you exactly as you are.”

I’ve done this with clients and this can be extremely difficult. Some people cry, some nervously laugh, and some get angry.

When I first did this exercise a long time ago, I balled my eyes out.  Honestly, I couldn’t say it. I was so angry at myself. I had recognized how far away I had gotten in the practice of loving myself and how all my behaviors, relationships and systems in my life were falling apart as a result.

My story of “I’m not good enough” was staring me in the face.

In my last blog I talked about self-love and self-care.

Do you really love yourself?

As a culture, I believe we are staring to do a lot more in terms of self-love and awareness with the rise of meditation and yoga in the West.

Yet I find “what’s wrong with me?” is still very prevalent in the way we dialogue using phrases like “should”, “have to”, “I can’t”, and “I don’t believe”.  Or “I’m too this”, “I’m too that.”  This are very disempowering and controlling ways to speak.

These phrases are limiting beliefs versus empowered beliefs.  These phrases are an extension of the old stories of judgement and criticism and are socially programmed.

I have a chart that I offer at workshops that I found online from a woman named
Barbara M Moreau. In essence it says this:

What you think is energy.
What you speak is vibration.
Energy +  vibration = matter

What you think + what you speak = your reality

I have this on my refrigerator as a reminder to watch my thoughts and words. As I’ve worked on this over the years, I have completely seen my reality shift. I am living the life that I want. I love my work. I’m living my purpose. And I can now say that I love myself in the mirror.

In what ways do you think and speak about yourself that are limiting? How do you plan to change this behavior? If you need support, I’m here to help — sign up for your FREE Shamanic Priestess call. We can find out how you are limiting yourself and get you on a healing journey. Click Here