5 Keys to Heart-Centered Business Success

I’ve developed 5 keys to heart-centered business success. As a spiritually based entrepreneur, it goes without saying that being authentically you is the foundation of your success. You need to be YOU. You need to know your “why”, who you are here on earth to serve, and what your solution is for your ideal client. These tools below will support your heart-centered path.

1. Devotional Intention

The word devotion is defined as “love, loyalty, or enthusiasm for a person, activity, or cause.” These words create a feeling of passion, desire and heart-centered awareness. It says that whatever you are committing to you have deep feelings and emotions for which creates a strong desire to stay the course.

As an example, if you are trying to quit a bad habit being committed can be difficult. Yet, what if you focus on a devotional intention to love yourself instead of focusing on the bad habit you are trying to change?

What if you focus with enthusiasm on treating yourself with love and loyalty and with heart-centered awareness? This could shift your perspective and help you commit to change.

Set your next intentions and commitments for what you want to achieve with devotional energy.

2. Non-Judgmental Accountability

If you want people in your life to take ownership, then as a leader in your community you have to be seen taking ownership of yourself. When you make commitments you need to meet them. You must walk the talk and be responsible for your actions.

As an empowerment coach, the best way for me to have my clients accept accountability is to set them up to be successful and to support them in ownership of their own narratives. I need to help my clients see that their narratives have impact not only on them, but all those around them too.

You must practice with as much neutrality and non-judgment as possible to see other people’s perspectives so you can make mental and emotional shifts.

This requires the practice non-judgment so you don’t end up in guilt, shame or doubt when challenges arise. You need to see challenges as opportunities for devotional intention and commitment.

3. Embodied Learning

If you wish to create heart-centered and sustainable change in your life and work, you need to use all your senses. Yoga talks of our sensory mind, manas, as a very powerful part of our intellect.

To create real tangible and embodied change you need to engage with all of your senses to access your stuck emotions, old patterns, and blocks that prevent you from your confidence and power.

As a human, you learn through your ears, eyes, smell, taste, and movement. Somatic sensing helps to elicit buried emotions that are trapped in the body. By experiencing the sensations of a particular memory you can process the energy and emotions that have not yet been fully addressed.

By engaging with tools like guided meditations, breathwork, movement, journaling, mirror work and more, you can re-enact the experiences of the past, clear them, and create new narratives in their place.

This helps you to be more present in your body and your heart.

4. Discipline

Discipline is a consistent routine done with devotional intention.

I learned this from the Yoga Sutras. It is taught in these sacred texts that to gain results one must be consistent and practice with enthusiasm for a long period of time. To be consistent is to create a routine that feels in alignment with your body, mind and soul.

Discipline does not have to feel scary and be filled with resistance. Create routines in your life and business that feel good and then challenge them to be a bit outside your comfort zone. It doesn’t mean you will always want to do your practice, but you do not have to commit to things that aren’t bringing you fulfillment.

Find ways to make changes in your life and business that bring you joy.

5. Take Action with Smart Goals

As human beings we love to talk about our problems and what we are going to do about them in the future.

I find this fascinating as a coach. I often here the phrase, “yes I’m going to do that.” And I always say, “Great. When?” Then all the excuses about why it can’t happen now appear. Humans are great at procrastinating for all sorts of reasons.

Let me tell you. Absolutely nothing happens if you don’t take action steps.

This is why I love SMART goals. These are specific, measurable, achievable and timely goals that are created in the present. Take anything you wish to see happen in the future and start to reverse engineer it to the NOW. You will be able create and manifest what you desire by taking small, achievable actionable steps. No more excuses.

As mentioned earlier, the key to your success is your authenticity. As a soulpreneur, remember that supporting YOUR talent is paramount to your success. The more you support your gifts (treat them like the ‘star’ of the show), the more you will flourish. Practice self-love and self-care and watch your life magnetize what you desire.