Nicole Doherty

Creating Ritual & Spiritual Practice

I’m reminded today of the importance of Ritual & Spiritual Practice. As a full-time working mom, it’s more evident than ever that keeping up with Self-Study and Personal Practice is paramount.  And yet, it can seem harder than ever before due to what’s pulling on my attention. What I recognize today is the pressure I place on myself to be perfect in my Practice (Zen on the tallest mountain peak in Lotus with Gian Mudra).  AND, this is not the Practice.

The Ritual of Practice is the Consistency of showing up for myself amidst the Chaos, Suffering, Challenges and every day Irritants that lower my Vibration. Svadyaya (Self-Study) is meeting myself daily to contest the mind’s desires to attach or avert the uncomfortable places that I traverse. The Cure to the Virus of the Mind is the Practice.

Michael Beckwidth of Agape International Spiritual Center, today explained that in our day to day, we live in a lower vibration than our full potential and that our Spiritual Practices (yoga, meditation, chanting, spiritual study) give us the opportunity to merge with our Highest Potential in the Quantum Field. When we were conceived in the Mind of God that version of ourselves was designed and we are evolving Now to meet in that realm of Divine Perfection, Beauty, Love and Prosperity.

It’s so easy daily to get diverted from the Path, so “JUST FOR TODAY… (much like the speak of Alcoholics Anonymous), I COMMIT to a DAILY CEREMONY for MYSELF” whether it be rolling onto my mat for 10 minutes of breath work, staying in the car for an extra 5 minutes to meditate, journaling before bed for a few moments or reading an inspiring article.  All of this is part of Spiritual Practice. Thus, removing the pressure of perfection and performance and making it manageable to achieve!

Infinite Blessings on the Path of Awakening to the Truth of It All,