A Synchronicity Story: Facing Money Fear!

How often do you find yourself on the edge of wondering, “How on Earth is this going to work out?”

What do you do when you find yourself doubting your intuition?

Do you experience indecision and procrastination or power, trust and courage?


I want to share with you my amazing synchronicity story that has become a powerful lesson for me in trusting my intuition confidently and overcoming fears around money and lack of support.

This is about money + support showing up at just the right time!


Life gives us infinite opportunities to practice our inner work.

It never ceases to amaze me.

I knew this year was going to be one of major changes and transitions, so in preparation I really committed to my self-care practices – moon cycle intention setting, journaling, coaching, breathwork, yoga and others.

I knew that making this a priority for me was going to be key to getting grounded versus being in old stories of overwhelm or fear.

I also knew that it would put me in touch with the whisperings of my heart and Spirit.



My son’s father and I made a conscious choice to separate our living situation this January 2019, after moving into the same house to support each other and our son’s move to a new state (LA to OR).

I felt in my whole being that this was the right decision for us to start 2019 with a clean slate, but the timing was tricky. It was December and I was gone traveling half the month.

I put some roommate postings out at the beginning of December.


I put some more out mid Dec.


I knew something was in resistance and then left for a vacation with my family.

I let my time with my family be one of presence.

I watched my ego and fear slip in and try and take me down around fear, money and overwhelm.

This time, I didn’t let it.

I said to myself, “I’m going to trust my intuition and that this is in Divine alignment.”

When I returned from my family vacation, I revised the postings slightly.

No responses!

I had to pay the whole rent for January 1st, $2030.




To my surprise, I didn’t freak out. In fact, I felt really grounded.

I trusted that this decision was what needed to happen.

In meditation, I kept feeling that everything was good.

I asked Spirit in meditation to keep me grounded and anchored.

I felt this was an opportunity to trust and to not let myself dip into fear.

I got the next whispering about what to do next.


Once again, I put out more postings this time arranging it slightly differently based on a meditaiton I had and a clearer intention.

I got the perfect roommate for one of the rooms.

She could move in for part of January.

I prorated her rent $177 for the last few weeks of Jan so I got some of my Jan rent back! 

Still short a roommate and was surprised about having to pay $1500 in rent for Feb? Hmm?

YET here’s the kicker and the amazing part!

I get a call from my business partner, there is a check in the mail that looks like a claims settlement and should he open it. I laughed because any time I’ve gotten one of these its been like a dollar.

Well, guess what?

It was $847!

Prorate from new roommate for Jan = $177
Claims check of  = $847
= $1024


Soooo….January ended up getting paid for (just not in the way I EXPECTED, lol).

That same day, I found a roommate for the second room.

She was a friend and co-worker of my first roommate, ready to move in by Feb 1st.

The amazing part is that in the end, I didn’t lose any money in the process of making the shift and finding roommates.


I gained trust in my intuition.

I made a clear choice.

I listened.

I didn’t get overwhelmed or in fear.

I took the actions I was informed to take by Spirit.

I made conscious choices instead of fearful ones.

And the Divine and I co-created this masterful exercise to help me integrate this into my being at a deep level!


I have made commitments to myself this year that have dropped me into deeper layers of healing and forgiveness AND such a stronger connection with Spirit guides and my Higher Self.

My meditation practice anchors me in such connection and support from the unseen realms.

What I recognize now is that the consistency, practice, discipline, accountability, and responsibility offer me the stability and foundation needed to trust and make great choices.

Next time you make a choice and a commitment watch your subconscious programming around things like fear, money, and lower chakra tendencies.

It’s an opportunity to challenge your growing edge, do your inner work and step into your power!!


PS…If you need any support or want to learn how to get to this level of understanding setup a discovery call so you can learn tools to bust through your old programming head on!

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