Wahe Guru! Celebrate dark + light!

Today, we are in celebration of International Yoga Day and the Summer Solstice –  both offering light to our world that feels quite dark.

What are we learning from these auspicious days?

Have you noticed, as I have, the juxtaposition of the juicy swellings of Divine Love in your own heart and the pangs of, anger, destruction, and judgement of your own mind served up by your past pains?

Some days, its as if I’d like to tear off my clothes and sing naked and wild at the top of my lungs and other days where my fear shuts me down and I hide.

We are all going through a collective re-birthing.  We are being forced to go down deep in the dark well of our own emotional being to dig up the remains, so that we can release the wreckage that we’ve created, heal our lineage, minds, and bodies to reveal the Light within.

As Yogis we are often reminded of how pressure and heat turns carbon into a diamond, or the exquisite lotus flower that penetrates the muddy waters to bloom its essential beauty for us to see.

Now, more than ever, we are understanding this yogic process of tapas, the burning, purification, discipline and practice that leads us to the eternal God seed within.

This process was never stated to be easy.  “Doing the work” as many spiritual aspirants say, is filled with challenge, obstacle and trauma, yet also with opportunities and triumphs.

In efforts to see the Great Light we also traverse the Great Dark.

Our society tends to focus on the dark. Perhaps its seems so magnified because we know in our hearts more than ever that Unity and Love are Truth and we are shamefully recognizing how far away we’ve strayed.

It’s as if we can’t believe it, so we keep talking about it.  Yet if we know and practice the Law of Attraction, we need to re-direct and place focus on what we wish to amplify, Love.

It doesn’t mean we ignore.  It means we take our anger, our hatred and disgust and we create action and solutions for the greater good.  We don’t blame, but we rise up in ownership and responsibility and play our part in supporting radical change.

We are collectively moving through our first, second and third chakras to clear out fear and separation, distorted sexual energy, guilt, shame, and abuse of power.

We are moving to the heart chakra.

Today, we offer hope, unity and love in exchange for the suffering that is sweeping our collective consciousness.

We are being asked to spring forth at this time and celebrate and dance and be free!

Today, I’ve created a Despacho offering to the land and to the guardian spirits to ask for forgiveness for creating such an imbalance of resource on this planet.  Personally, my sacred offering to the Earth will be better stewardship and more service to Her and the collective.

I was recently offered a great gift to be a Melissae at a Goddess Temple here in Ashaland, Oregon at the Jackson Wellsprings. As a Goddess Temple Melissae I get to be in service to the Goddess through stewarding the land, water, altars and structures of the Temple.  I plan to dedicate my time there to the virtues of love, safety, community, beauty, grace, kindness and compassionate support.

What can you do to be of service to the Light today on this longest light-filled day of the year?

What can you do to be in service of communing with the your own being filled with Light?

How can you practice more self-love and kindness?

Can we all celebrate the darkness too as the contrast that is needed and Divinely guided to reflect back to us our own inner work?  The mirror of Nature is our Guru.

Today the Kundalini Yogis use the term “Wahe Guru”. Wahe is an exclamation of ecstasy like, “Wow!”.  Guru is a teacher or guide. Guru takes one from the darkness into the light.  Let’s celebrate the moment we recognized that God is within.

Blessings to you my community for honoring the path of the Yogi, seeker, light-bearer, steward, and champion of humanity.

May you be blessed and revered for your work.

Be the light that changes the world!

Wahe Guru!

xo Nicole

P.S.  If you are a healer, yogi or spiritual entrepreneur and you feel like you need solid support traversing from dark to light in efforts to create your light-inspired business for this planet, set up a complimentary call with me. We need you to reclaim your power and actualize your visions NOW!

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